EU Elections 2019 – The story so far

In my third article about the Euro elections I’m focusing on the campaigns so far (here are parts one and two). European elections are always tricky campaign-wise. The constituencies are in fact massive regions which makes it harder to mount an intensive campaign. They often come soon after other elections, which means activists are tired. […]

EU Election Manifestos: Unread, but still important

As polling day in the European elections (23 May)  gets nearer, I am writing a series of articles about the messages and communications techniques involved.  Today I am focusing on that staple of elections – the party manifesto. Despite the, sometimes lengthy, arguments about phrasing and content, virtually no one actually reads manifestos. No one, […]

Parties launch for unexpected elections

Later this month we have an unusual, and potentially defining, political event. In previous years, the five yearly European Elections have been low-key. Most parties have run campaigns about anything but Europe. Many voters haven’t bothered to turn out. Electoral regions have been too big for any real sense of a constituency link. And the […]

Developing the The Independent Group’s brand

They say a week is a long time in politics but frankly it feels at the moment as if a day is a long time. February’s drama has included eight Labour MPs leave the party to become part of The Independent Group, followed by three Conservatives doing the same. The political world has been awash […]

What should Theresa May do next?

So, is a victory by 83 good or bad? Is there any hope of new concessions from Brussels? Is Parliament likely to agree on anything soon? The answer to questions two and three looks to be no. The answer to number one is “it depends”. And there, in a nutshell, is one of Theresa May’s […]

Conservative Party Conference: Domestic policy dances to centre stage

To conclude my conference season blogs I take a look at the past week in Birmingham. The Conservative Party Conference always has a particular challenge. Coming last in the running order, spokespeople can find they are doing more responding to the earlier events than they like.  Journalists by this point are tired and (more) cynical.  […]

Selling Labour Government? The message from Conference

In the second in a mini-series, Paula Keaveney MCIPR, explores the importance of the Party Conference season in communicating with party members and the wider electorate. This week…the Labour Party Conference. The question I asked myself, as I visited Labour Party Conference with a group of students, is what does the party want to get […]

Party Conferences and Communication part 1; the Liberal Democrats

In the first in a mini-series, Paula Keaveney MCIPR explores the importance of the Party Conference season in communicating with party members and the wider electorate.   Party political conferences are about more than a get together. They are opportunities for a party to communicate to a wider world as well as to some of […]

Reputation lessons from online dating scandal

The conviction for rape of Jason Lawrance  in early March has shone a spotlight on internet dating services. Lawrance contacted his victims via, but clearly this shocking story affects what we think about online dating companies in general, not just the one he happened to use. Lawrance was found guilty at Derby Crown court […]

What now for the BBC?

BBC senior managers probably hoped the Smith report  (published Feb 25th) would lead to a day or two of heavy duty media work and then business as usual. Like many of these key moments though, it’s impossible to draw a line.  The ongoing story about Tony Blackburn is likely to run for a while.  Campaigners  […]