Alexa, is AI taking over online marketing?

The year is 2033; velour tracksuits have made an unfortunate comeback, easyJet can send you to Mars for just over a fiver and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has officially taken over the world. Although we may have another 14 years before the robot revolution, AI is already dominating the multi-media sectors. With 72 per cent of […]

It’s nothing personal: Why you need to turn off personalised search

Stone Junction’s marketing executive, Tasha Bodger, explains why getting personal with Google can be bad for business. Most of us would rather Google didn’t check our online search history; but for a media-savvy business owner or anyone downloading bootleg footage of the new Lion King, it can be more than just an inconvenience. Personalised searches enable […]

LinkedIn Groups — how to make them work for you

They can be spammy, unfocussed and self-promotional, but when you handle them correctly, LinkedIn Groups can be a truly effective marketing resource.  By Kirsty McMahon, When the industrial sector entered the early stages of the fourth industrial revolution, Stone Junction set up a LinkedIn Group to give professionals a platform to share their knowledge. After all, […]

Tips for an effective ad campaign

“Is a Big Mac still a Big Mac if it has bacon?” This is the question being debated by McDonald’s customers all over the UK since bacon was added to its iconic Big Mac burger last month. Clearly a clever cross-media advertising campaign, the debate has gone viral on social media. Here, Carla Stanton, graphic […]

Could you spin negative stereotypes in STEM?

By Richard Stone, managing director of Stone Junction, This week has seen the launch of an unusual new advertising campaign by the British Army, which intended to spin negative stereotypes about millennials, instead positioning their alleged weaknesses as strengths that could help potential new recruits thrive in a military setting. Here’s how this strategy can be […]

Seven tips for amazing web copy

You can spend hours perfecting your website, but the reality is 55 per cent of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on a single page. Here, Carla Mateus, account executive at technical PR agency, Stone Junction, explains how to make these 15 seconds count. Skip the jargon Want your content to be mesmerising, prepossessing and […]

GDPR: Email marketing is changing

Supermarket giant, Morrisons, is the latest household name that has been subject to fines due to breaking email marketing laws. The company has been fined over £10,000 for sending thousands of marketing emails to customers who said they didn’t want them. Consumers have long been protected with email marketing legislation, however, B2B marketers will now […]

What does fake news mean for engineering PR?

Those of you who followed the US election will already be aware of the concept of fake news – and the argument that it’s proliferation, notably in Google news results and on Facebook, influenced the course of the vote. Put simply, for our kind readers who haven’t already heard, it’s common practice to build fake […]

Three ways you can sell more using balanced sentence

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Dickens’ famous introduction to A Tale of Two Cities is perhaps the most famous example of a balanced sentence in history. It’s so famous and effective that most people have forgotten that it’s only the first in a series of beautifully balanced phrases […]

Displaying your brand affinity

It has often been said that winning new business is a lot like dating. You’ve got the first date nerves and research before you meet the client, the subsequent getting to know them stage and then finally feeling comfortable when a bond has been built, allowing the creativity to flow. At least, this is how […]