Table tennis & social media learning

Working life can often feel a bit like table tennis – as soon as you hit one over the net another one comes flying back at you – so attending a seminar held in a giant ping pong arena felt strangely appropriate. In between frantic sets with paddle and ball – and nothing says social […]

Change and collaboration

“Competition is really tough, but if anything collaboration is even tougher” Now there is a quote that made me snap to attention. It felt like the start of a really interesting story and at the same time something that struck to the heart of a universal truth. While the future of local services is undoubtedly […]

NHS lessons on internal comms

It’s clear that the current workforce challenges facing the NHS are prompting deeper and more urgent thinking by comms teams, if the number of sessions devoted to internal comms in the past six months is anything to go by. A focus on internal communications has been a feature of almost every seminar or presentation that […]

How blogging helped to tell our local NHS story

Blogs are pretty simple and have been around for ages, so while ours is nothing shiny or especially new it has helped us talk about everything from dementia and falls, to sign making and nutrition. Last year we launched a new blog space for sharing stories about the NHS in Gateshead and so far an […]

Exploring the importance of internal comms

Internal comms can often feel like the poor relation to PR in the public sector, but with the current workforce challenges facing the NHS it’s becoming more important than ever before. The always excellent NHS provider comms network focused on internal communications this time around and it’s clear that this is something at the top […]

The Art of perception: A leaf from Bob’s PR book

The cover of Bob Leaf’s book on a life in PR will come as a blessing to all fans of the seminal TV show Mad Men, with the author silhouetted against the cover in true Don Draper style. I was fortunate enough to meet Bob and get a copy of his book – The Art […]

CIPR visits friends in the north

“How do you prepare for the unexpected and are you really ready if the very worst happens?” England had just gone out of the World Cup, the Prime Minister was under extreme pressure, two leading cabinet ministers had just resigned, Donald Trump was visiting the UK and it was Friday the 13th. The perfect day […]

Lessons from the stoics on storytelling and inner narrative

“As I glide down toward that little town on my short parachute ride, I’m just about to learn how negligible is my control over my station in life. “It’s not all up to me. I’m going right now from being the leader of a hundred-plus pilots and a thousand men to being the object of […]

8 tips for NHS comms in 2018

You know when a baby wakes you at 4am every morning of it’s life so you don’t set an unnecessary alarm for the one day of the year when you need to be on the 6:30am train to London? Well, you can guess what happened next and the slapstick, desperate race to the station ensured […]

Nine leadership lessons for communicators

Over time it seems that the term ‘leadership’ has become part of the jargon of middle management that infuriates so many comms people and leaves many thinking of a po-faced Ian Fletcher from W1A. However we shouldn’t make this mistake because if you look closely at every organisation you’ve worked in the difference between good […]