Is a lack of investment in local media damaging society?

On 22nd June, the Press Gazette ran an article about claims by a former Kensington reporter that Grenfell Tower fire-safety concerns would have been picked up by local media in the pre-internet era. Suggesting that local journalists would never previously have missed a blog posted by residents about the safety of the tower block – or […]

Northern Ireland offers lots to be PRoud about

On Friday I had the privilege of attending the CIPR’s PRide Awards in Belfast. It was an inspiring experience to see first hand the thriving industry in Northern Ireland and to hear members talk about where they’d like to see the CIPR head next. Here’s a transcript of my speech. Good evening and thank you for […]

Fake news – scope, public trust and options for policy

Fake news distribution is becoming a central focus for publishers, digital platforms, advertisers and consumers. Today’s Westminster Media Forum has been organised to decide what next for industry and government. I’m speaking on behalf of the CIPR at today’s Westminster Media Forum which has been organised to debate the issue of fake news. Throughout the […]

Public relations is an industry coming of age but with issues to address

The State of the Profession Survey tells the story of a maturing industry that is striving to professionalise and beginning to be taken increasingly seriously by the C-Suite. This year’s CIPR State of the Profession Survey makes for heartening reading in some areas, and depressing in others. Year-on-year rises in the number of board level […]

History is watching: How are you advising your management team?

If the role of the public relations adviser is to be the eyes, ears and conscience of an organisation, how are you advising your management team? Public relations is a management discipline and rapid change within the political world is creating significant opportunity for practitioners. Brexit and President Trump’s inauguration have signaled huge shifts in […]

Five ways to enhance your public relations activity

Marketing and PR resource is precious and activity should deliver clear and measurable results. Here are five ways to get the best return from your investment. 1.     Open access to the board Public relations is a strategic management function that helps organisations achieve their objectives, whether that’s awareness raising, behaviour change or sales. It can […]

Five communications lessons from 2016

This year has seen seismic changes in the political landscape in the UK and US. No one predicted the outcome of either the EU referendum or the US election. Here are five areas of reflection for leadership and management as we head into the New Year. #1 Lead from the front There has never been […]