Key considerations for start-out public relations consultants

  I regularly get asked for advice by people interested in setting up a public relations consultancy. Here are a few of my top tips if you want to go it alone as a contractor. If you were to ask me about setting up a public relations business, my first questions would revolve around why […]

Are you ready to #GetChartered?

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has simplified the route to Chartered Practitioner status, widening eligibility for members in the drive to professionalism. The status recognizes the highest standard of knowledge, expertise and ethical practice within the PR industry and is a benchmark of professional excellence and integrity. Previously the process involved a statement […]

Mind the pay gap: How to achieve parity in PR

  #FuturePRoof launched earlier this month with the purpose of asserting the value of public relations as a management discipline. A new chapter is being shared every day on the site. Here’s my contribution, the very last chapter, released early to mark Equal Pay Day. You can find out more and download the full book via […]

Tech tips: What PR practitioners have learnt from Silicon Valley

Tech is revolutionising a wide variety of industries as the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 league table shows. Marketing and public relations is no different. When I first started out in public relations, standard practice was to fax out press releases and stick captions on the back of photos before posting them to picture […]

PRstack: a path to efficiency and excellence for public relations practitioners

The second PRstack book launches today and this latest ‘how to’ guide doesn’t disappoint. Walking public relations practitioners through 30 different tools that can help improve every day practice, the book is a simple to read and neatly designed handbook for those wanting to create efficiencies at work. Authored by experts from a range of […]

Made to measure: why PR campaigns need measurement and evaluation

It’s a fact that the majority of PR practitioners still don’t measure and evaluate well. Ask around and the reasons why will often be the same: client disinterest, lack of budget, scarce resource, limited knowledge or plain old laziness. Some will still be measuring with Advertising Equivalent Values (AEVs) and think that’s enough. None of […]