Social media and the business of influence

              Only people who have been living down a hole with no internet access for the past couple of years can have missed the effect social media now has on what we think and do. Tabloid newspapers base whole articles on celebrity tweets and Twitter wars and here in […]

#Brand Vandals – less a war, more a way to give peace a chance?

If you want a book that will instil fear and make you think hard about the use of social media, #Brand Vandals: Reputation Wreckers and Building Better Defences by Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington is it. Example: “Media has become a two-way weapon. Nobody can control it. It’s anarchy.” That’s the bad news. The good news? […]

Thank you for voting

The results of the CIPR Council elections are in and I want to thank you all for voting – and for allowing me to continue to represent you. Particular thanks go to Stephen Waddington, Sarah Pinch, Ross Wigham, Rachel Miller and Simon McVicker for nominating me. I’m here to serve so please do let me […]