Time to be brave and stand up to pay inequality

Research published today by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations is the first time my industry has gone behind the figures to find out what the drivers are for the embarrassing, unacceptable gender pay gap in PR. I first spoke to Mary Whenman, President of Women in PR, about this research months ago. It took time to […]

Help create a more equal PR industry

The Government Response to the Women and Equalities Committee Second Report makes for sobering reading, of the 17 recommendations made by the committee in their 2016 report, 16 of them were for the Government (the other was addressed to Equality and Human Rights Commission). I commend the entire report to you, but for now I […]

Mary Seacole and rebalancing PR’s past

I like a good statue. When I first moved to London to live and work, I would often walk over Golden Jubilee Bridge to The Royal Festival Hall and stand and look at the bronze bust of Nelson Mandela. Later when I worked for the railway I found the many war memorials, some at the […]

Don’t question women’s commitment to work: response to conservativewoman

On Thursday Conservativewoman.co.uk published an article from its co-editor, Kathy Gyngell. It was badged as a response to the Junior Doctors’ strike, but towards the end, Kathy took the opportunity to attack any woman in work: “As I have written on this site before, girls increasingly dominate places at medical school and in the profession. […]

Thank you for 2015

On 31st December I hand over The Chartered Institute of Public Relations Presidential medal to Rob Brown and wish him every success for 2016. I will remain on the board of the CIPR for a further year and am looking forward to continuing the work we have started on gender issues; especially supporting young women […]

Releasing the handbrake on equal pay

After several years of the CIPR publishing in-depth data and analysis of PR’s £8,483 gender pay gap, it’s fantastic to see that a clear majority of the businesses in our industry are now willing to pull their finger out and start to deliver action. New research published in PRWeek makes for an interesting, at times depressing, […]

‘Dressing up the truth is not an option,’ why ethics matters in PR

When I worked in house, I had a copy of the CIPR’s code of conduct on my wall. It was, if you like, my insurance policy. It was also a major talking point, especially when I worked for the NHS. Consultant doctors were always especially interested in it – and it afforded me the opportunity […]

Gender pay – the hard work has barely begun

Last week I took a morning out of my holiday to discuss gender and ethics with a group of PR and business leaders in Cornwall.  It was inspiring to hear some of the stories from the men and women present as to how they have overcome obstacles and thrived, not just survived. One of those […]

Kids do not ruin your PR Career: our response

On 1 June, not the 1 April, PRMoment published an article by Hacked Off Flack entitled: Why Hacked Off Flack reckons kids ruin your PR career. It was first brought it to my attention by Sarah Stimson, a successful mum of one (soon to be two) who runs the inspirational Taylor Bennett Foundation placements, supported by the CIPR and many […]

Ten Top Tips for starting out

I originally wrote this for Fresh Business Thinking When starting off in business, there is so much you are yet to learn. Even now, after more than 25 years at work, whilst I have achieved many things to be proud of, my career path is still – and always will be – a learning curve. […]