The Reputation Game: The Power of Influencing How Others See You

Live Webinar and Q&A | Thursday 12th October | 1pm BST | Register Now By Signal Media Corporate change provides an opportunity for reputation engagement. Perceptions can be influenced through well thought out engagement strategies that connect the organisation, its leadership and its purpose with the different constituencies that surround it. In this 30 minute […]

The real impact of fake news on business

By David Benigson, I recently blogged on how the phrase ‘fake news’ has evolved. And how in the majority, it’s been politicians, broadcasters, and celebrities that have played the role of both victim and perpetrator to the fake news mudslinging. However, in the business world, when the mud of fake news sticks the cost can […]

Fake news fact-checking checklist

By David Benigson There’s been an explosion of so-called fake news in recent months. Reports of fakery, fabrication and misinformation have hit fever pitch, particularly during election season. While fake news is nothing new, it’s gained momentum, and notoriety, as news consumption has shifted from traditional print to online news to social media. We each […]

Is fake news the modern day junk food?

We all have a responsibility as news consumers to ensure we’re maintaining a balanced diet of sources to help minimise our exposure to misinformation and fake news. By David Benigson, CEO and founder of Signal Media The New Yorker editor David Remnick took to the stage at Cannes Lions this year to discuss how brands can maintain […]