For charities’ sake we must have more good news

New research has highlighted the lack of positive news sources available to the public. Just a fifth of the population have heard positive news about charities (22%), universities or colleges (18%) and local councils (17%) in the last three months. According to Sapio Research, the picture for social enterprises (13%) and trade unions (10%) is even […]

Campaigners mustn’t feel chilled by the Lobbying Act

The turmoil in British politics increases daily – and with it the possibility of a General Election within the next 12 months. Such an election would mean that any activity currently underway which could be seen as influencing the way people vote would be covered by the Lobbying Act and Electoral Commission’s regulations. Recent research from the Sheila […]

Communicating causes: the new bible for campaigners

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s 2014 prediction that the 21st Century would be the “era of the NGO” is an appropriate starting point for Communicating Causes – an all encompassing new book on the state of campaigning in the charity sector. The book, launched at a PRCA Charity and Not for Profit event last […]

Five ways charities and campaigners can get the good news out there

In a climate where mainstream media space is at a premium and charities facing a more hostile press, a group at the Campaigning Forum in Oxford convened to look at how charities and progressive campaigners can get the good news out there. Almost 20 suggestions came forward from campaigners which can be summarised into five main […]

How comms can help transform charity transparency

The TFN Live panel debate at the Institute of Fundraising Conference in Glasgow highlighted the divide between fundraisers and the rest of charity sector. But it’s a gulf that can be bridged by better communications. Fundraising has been through tough times; negative headlines, changes in legislation and changes in sources of revenue have led many […]

The reputation challenge at the heart of fundraising

Almost a quarter of the public (23%) feel “emotionally blackmailed” by charities, according to new research from the Commission on the Donor Experiences. No wonder then that as well as seeking to define good practice, the Commission has also put building the reputation of charities at the centre of its recommendations. The Commission was launched in […]

The perils of PRs jumping ‘all in’ on the election

Agency bosses calling on their clients to jump “all in” on the General Election in PR Week seemed, on the surface, like sound advice. But it misses a vital point: legally they may find themselves on dodgy ground if they do. Much of the debate on the regulations of ‘third party campaigners’ during General Elections has […]

Five things to learn from the e-campaigning forum

The annual ECF Global Event in Oxford is the highlight of many campaigner’s calendars. A chance to inspire and be inspired by some of Europe’s best progressive campaigners. Part of the joy of the conference is the Open Space agenda approach and that every participant will take away a very different set of learnings. But […]

The Lobbying Act: Everything is not OK

With the General Election over, the public debate about the Lobbying Act has subsided and the restrictions it placed on campaigners have been temporarily lifted. But the Act sent charities reeling during the campaign, the pernicious impact of its stifling threat to freedom of speech is still being felt and confusion caused by poor Electoral Commission […]