The AI tool chasm in PR

A new CIPR #AIinPR project finds that AI tool vendors are not addressing the PR market. Tool adoption is almost entirely limited to automation tools. There is an important ongoing conversation in public relations about the speed of innovation, the adoption of tools and artificial intelligence, enabling people to work smarter or replacing roles. Technology […]

Holding out for a hero

Media intelligence firm CARMA has recorded the incredible story of Captain Tom Moore’s £32.8m fundraising effort in a special report. It’s a lesson in life and PR. At a family barbecue in early-April, 99-year-old Captain Tom Moore took some of his first steps of the year outside. Recovering from a broken hip he had previously […]

How COVID-19 will impact PR practice and skills

COVID-19 is accelerating the modernisation of PR practice and skills. That’s daunting but it’s also incredibly exciting for individuals and organisations willing to invest in the future. The CIPR, #FuturePRoof, PRCA and Provoke Media have all polled the PR industry throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve been able to observe the impact of the virus on […]

Personal resilience in a time of crisis

It’s tough out there, really tough, do your best and know that everyone is feeling the same. I headed for a long walk on the beach yesterday. With each day the COVID-19 headlines become more alarming. The debate and discussion on social media don’t help. Then there’s disinformation. The first place to start building personal […]

Communicating about the Coronavirus: useful fact based tools and links

Professional communicators have a critical role in preventing disinformation about the Coronavirus. This article includes links to useful fact based tools. In the two months since the first case of Coronavirus, or COVID-19, was reported it has spread across the world. In the UK Chief Medical Officers have raised the risk to UK citizens from […]

The clickbait media economy is toxic

It’s easy to blame the mainstream media for hounding celebrities but that ignores the demand side of the market. You can trace the news values of the tabloid media via the extremity of the UK Royal Family from Lady Diana Spencer in the 1990s to Meghan Markle more than thirty years later. Stories about people […]

Future of PR: 2020 edition

This is my annual long-read essay on the future of the PR business. It’s a work in progress. Let me know what I’ve missed. Dr Jon White is a reflective PR practitioner and scholarly provocateur. He published a paper called PR 2020 on behalf of the CIPR in 2011 that examined the future of PR. […]

Purdah communication and resource rules

Purdah places restrictions on government and public bodies during elections. There have already been two claims over the misuse of communication and resources. Complaints of misuse of government resources Although restrictions only began today claims of the misuse of government resources began before the purdah period. Chancellor Sajid Javid asked the Treasury to calculate the […]