Five tips for social media crisis management

The reality is that what many people think is a social media crisis isn’t actually a crisis at all. The long-term impact on the brand’s or company’s reputation, sales, share price etc is often minimal. However, often doesn’t mean never so it is still vital to have a social media crisis management plan to minimise […]

Top five reasons why leaders fail to communicate

One of the most frequent problems I hear from fellow public relations professionals is that their leaders fail to communicate effectively. I’ve identified some of the most common reasons why leaders fail to communicate effectively. 1) Don’t understand how important it is to communicate Many leaders don’t understand how important it is to communicate effectively. […]

In public relations correlation is not causation

Bill runs a small family owned toy shop that’s doing okay. He runs it himself and all his staff are family who all pride themselves on their friendly service. Then his daughter Ruth needs to go on maternity leave so he hires Lucy to cover for her. It’s a phenomenal success as sales the following […]

How PR and SEO work together and why you don’t need a link

Today just about every SEO firm claims to do PR. They’ve often got a very shaky grasp of what public relations is, but they claim to do it all the same. Today, some PR firms claim to do SEO. Some do. Some do it very well. Some don’t do it well. Some don’t even do […]

New research on corporate communications in an integrated world

PR and corporate communications recruitment firm VMA Group today published a new research report on ‘communicating in an integrated world’. I was privileged to be invited as a CIPR board member to sit on a panel to discuss its findings. I’d urge you to read the full The View report, but wanted to quickly share […]

What can PR learn from living with Alexa?

Quite a bit it turns out. We bought our first Amazon Echo just under a month ago and since then I’ve been having fun figuring out how we can use it for the family and thinking about the potential uses of voice interfaces for public relations and corporate communications. Amazon Echo is a voice activated […]

Why you should learn from the crisis that never happened

Every time a crisis breaks you see the armchair PR experts popping up offering their wisdom about what company Y is doing wrong. If the company in trouble just listened to them then every crisis could be turned into an opportunity. The reality is always somewhat different as what the armchair experts usually fail to […]

Pokémon Go for PR and communications

Despite only officially being available in Australia, New Zealand the USA Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. So how is the PR and communications world responding? I’ve seen a couple of great examples. The first is this fantastic tweet from the Trades Union Congress, which is the federation of most UK trade unions. […]

Brexit – 12 immediate actions for PR, corp comms and public affairs pros

The UK has voted to leave the European Union. This has already sent shockwaves through global financial markets which will massively impact businesses and organisations. However, as the dust settles on this bombshell it will become clearer what the direct impact of Brexit will be on businesses and organisations. Public relations, corporate communications, public affairs […]