A Reshuffle and Public Affairs: The Real Story

We can all get very excited about who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’ during a reshuffle. But beyond the personalities involved, the real implications are for policy. Those in public affairs need to look behind the headlines and seek out the consequences. Anyone with even a passing interest in politics can find a reshuffle […]

Making Your Campaign Memorable

Half the battle when undertaking a public affairs campaign is ensuring that it is memorable. Without thinking about how best you can do that, your campaign will fail to deliver the influence you are seeking. We must appreciate that, at any one time, there is a lot of public affairs taking place. Much of which […]

What Charites Need To Learn From The Actions Of Extinction Rebellion (And Others)

The ongoing action by Extinction Rebellion in London highlights the critical decisions that organisations – corporates, charities, religious, and public sector – need to take regarding their reputations. It isn’t just about what the media (and, beyond them, the public) might think. They need to consider activist groups as well. Activist actions  Extinction Rebellion recently […]

Political Language: The Careful Choice Of Words

There can seem to be occasions when politicians are not thinking carefully about what they say or tweet. That may be true for some but is rarely the case when it comes to Ministers or Prime Ministers. They carefully chose what to say and how to say it. That comes with implications for Public Affairs. […]

Government Overdrive And The Impact On Public Affairs

The Summer can be busier than ever in public affairs. Parliament may not be sitting but there is more going on. Why is that the case and what are the risks you need to be aware of? It has long been a tradition of Westminster politics to rush out a lot of announcements before Parliament […]

What Makes A Good Public Affairs Consultant?

What are the skills needed to make a good public affairs consultant, whether they work for an agency or in-house? And how can we use this to think about how we can all improve? It is very easy to think about public affairs as being focused on political engagement. That may be the main aspect […]

Being Called Out By Ministers

There is nothing worse for any organisation than being called out a Government Minister. It inflicts reputational damage, risks networks and relationships, and comes with the hint of future action. But how can we minimise the chance of it happening and how should we react if it does? There are several pressures that politicians react […]

The Importance Of Soft Power

A stakeholder map too often looks simply at decision makers. It maps out a path to power so that engagement efforts can be focused. But this ignores the importance of soft power and the role it ultimately plays in decision-making. Of course, looking at who makes the decisions is not wrong. But to focus too […]

There Is Still Much To Teach Government About The Private Sector

Governments always talk as if they know and understand everything about how business works. But that isn’t the case. The process of educating them remains a key job of public affairs. Governments, and particularly, the Johnson government, do intervene directly in the operation of markets, even if they claim otherwise. That very intervention is not […]

Influencers And Their Impact on Public Affairs

Moving a bottle of soft drink may not seem like a big deal but when Christiano Ronaldo is involved then the world takes note. And that includes politicians. When Ronaldo moved bottles of Coca Cola, one of the main sponsors of Euro 2020, from view at a press conference, social media went into overdrive. Graphs […]