Football’s Public Affairs Own Goal

The leaking of details about Project Big Picture, with plans to revise the Premier League, led to widespread discussion but the reaction of the Government was pretty clear – they were not impressed. So what went wrong and what can public affairs teach those involved? After the plans were leaked, it was up to the […]

Beware of Classic Political Deflection Techniques

Whether it is stories of Government plans to send asylum seekers to an island in the South Atlantic or Trump’s claims of voter fraud during the Presidential debates, it is easy to become distracted by deflection techniques. Instead, take a breath before deciding if there is any impact on your campaign. Governments and politicians will […]

Peak Public Affairs? No, There Is Much More To Come

With Government announcements on Covid continuing to come thick and fast, the need for political engagement has never been more important. But the idea that we have reached peak public affairs is wrong. There will be even more need for good political engagement advice in future. Writing in PR Week, Editor-in-chief Danny Rogers, suggested that […]

Political Parties Change: Your Public Affairs Thinking Needs To Change

‘Traditional’ views of political parties rarely reflect the reality of the time. The parties keep changing so you need to update your thinking otherwise it will be difficult to engage with them. Understanding is critical in public affairs. It can sometimes be difficult not to think in a caricatured way about what a political party […]

Where Is The Local Consultation? The Planning White Paper

Communities should be at the heart of new developments. The recently published Planning White Paper suggests some radical changes to the planning system. But engagement and consultation looks likely to change as well and local authorities could well find themselves in the firing line. The paper sets out the government’s aims for a new planning […]

A Short Guide To Modern Political Communications

You cannot scroll through Twitter or LinkedIn without coming across a post expressing clear views on government communications. They are either the worst we have ever witnessed or brilliant despite the obvious challenges of Covid-19.  But we need to remember that politics sits behind all these communications. It is also important to remember that the […]

The Age Of Inquiry

As life starts to get back to usual, there will be a clear end to the idea that politics has not played a role during Covid-19. The ‘new normal’ of politics will be represented by a significant period of reflection and inquiries. What should you do to prepare? The Government has been keen throughout this […]

Fourteen signs that you are a political obsessive

Many of those involved in public affairs are often thought of as being political geeks or nerds. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that but what are the signs that you really are a political obsessive? Of course, not everyone involved in public affairs falls into this category and some will actually […]

What Has Covid-19 Done For Public Affairs?

Covid-19 has meant a change in the relationship between government and large parts of the economy.  Many organisations who barely looked twice at their political engagement suddenly became aware of its importance.  The challenge is to keep that engagement going. It could be argued that Covid-19 has done more to raise the profile of public […]

The Realities Of Virtual Party Conferences

While some are breathing a sigh of relief that they do not have to attend the party conferences, the reality is that unless other activity is put in place then a valuable engagement opportunity has been removed. The virtual conferences will certainly be different but, carefully considered, they can still help play a role. The […]