Getting Stakeholder Meetings Right

It is a basic requirement but one that is very easy to get wrong. What are the steps you should take for preparing and conducting a useful public affairs meeting? A successful starting point must be well before any meeting is even arranged. You need to know that you are speaking to the right person […]

The Importance Of Different Conversations

Conversations are fundamental to public affairs. Not talking to people leads to narrow thinking and a failure to develop networks. We must all consider our conversations if we are to deliver good advice. The starting point for any assessment of the range of conversations available to us is to think about why we are talking […]

Public Affairs – How Do You Use Your Monitoring?

Keeping track of political intelligence is the lifeblood of public affairs. But having information is not enough. The critical element is what you do with it. The information The first set of decisions to make is where to draw your information from. Parliament – Always a good starting point – across debates, questions, committee proceedings, […]

P&O Ferries: The political long tail of a crisis

The outcry following P&O Ferries’ announcement of mass redundancies was universal. Politicians, the media, trade unions, local communities, trade bodies and many others all condemned the actions of the company. But the impact of the crisis will have far-reaching implications for us all.  Commentators rightly pointed out the failings in the decision and the way […]

Engaging With Government: The Charity Challenge

A new report has examined the relationship between charities and government with some very worrying conclusions. Unless charities take their public affairs seriously then misunderstandings, misconceptions and policy errors are likely.  A new report published by the Law Family Commission on Civil Society focused on the relationship between charities and policy makers. The findings suggest […]

Don’t Let The Communications Run Wild

Too often in a bid to save reputations, communications become the absolute focus. If the media statement kills the issue, then it will have been successful. But, as the issues with Chelsea Football Club showed, such an approach inflicts more damage. I won’t revisit the detail of the proposed approach announced by Roman Abramovich as […]

The Environment, Reputation and Politics

The development of a reputation takes time, effort, and resources. It should be central to all engagement and communications, internal and external. But there continue to be examples of the communications outstripping the reality and that brings with it political dangers.  Very often, reputation is considered in relation to its impact on sales. But it […]

All Aboard The Starmer Express?

As Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer appears to be taking the party in a different direction. With a promised series of speeches about to come forward, why should we be taking any notice? Whilst officially the party may still be committed to the 2019 manifesto, the reality is that it has been moving away from […]

More ‘And’ and Less ‘But’

Successful public affairs is about offering solutions rather than just presenting insolvable problems. That means we must find ways of keeping the conversations going. That means using more ‘ands’ and less ‘buts’. To develop a relationship with a stakeholder requires time and effort and it also requires a constructive approach. Pressure can be applied internally […]