Public and Private Do Not Apply In Reputation Management

The idea that a neat line can be drawn between public and private has come to an end.  Most organisations and individuals in the public eye realise that everything they say is ripe for comment and media coverage.  However, not all of them appreciate that this is not just limited to comments made in public […]

Test Perceptions: Or Fail in Public Affairs

Some public affairs campaigns fail.  It is, however, the consideration given to why the campaigns fail that is one of the most valued techniques in public affairs.  Without this re-evaluation campaigns will continue to fail despite effort and resources. It may seem obvious to incorporate lessons learned, but too often the same approach to campaigning […]

Social media in crisis communications: It’s not just about speed

Crisis communication is increasingly focusing on social media but too often the emphasis is on speed. Instead, it is necessary to draw breath before responding and not get too carried away with what is really just a communications tool. Just looking to respond quickly disguises the multiple impacts that social media has on reputation – […]

General Election Countdown: The Public Affairs Checklist

With a year to go until the General Election, now is the time for those in public affairs to make sure that they are planning for the future, regardless of the outcome. For the most part trying to pre-empt an election outcome is best left to pollsters and psephologists.  Whilst we know that the election […]