How parasocial relationships play a role in professional personal branding

The term ‘parasocial relationship’ popped up twice in quick succession in my daily media consumption, and my interest was piqued. First, I heard the term used in a conversation on a podcast I had been listening to, and then I read about parasocial relationships in this article by Keith Reynold Jennings. I may not have known what was […]

How to ensure your personal brand journey starts on the right footing

Building and sustaining a credible personal brand, one that lifts your profile and elevates your professional standing in the marketplace, doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes serious time and effort over and above your ‘day gig’, not to mention some savvy planning, a strong dose of persistence and, sometimes, a little luck. To think […]

The power of truth and realism in content marketing and communications

Today more than ever we have to tell stories if we want our message to cut through the noise and resonate with its intended audience. Or so we’re told over and over again as if it’s something new. The truth is, storytelling has always been an important element of growing and succeeding in our business or community endeavours. It’s just […]

Understanding the power of owned and earned media in an ‘opt-in’ world

I don’t know about you but these days I seem to be getting ‘buffeted’ from all angles by people trying to sell me stuff. And it’s getting worse – the more communications channels that spring up, the louder the hype and the noisier everything becomes. I see these unwanted sales pitches for what they are – intrusions into my life – […]

State of the (social) nation: Part 1 – Social media in Australia

Australian businesses are still ‘dragging the chain’ when it comes to social media. According to the just-released Sensis Social Media Report 2015, the uptake of social media by Australian businesses is still not as pronounced as for consumers, with just 33 per cent of businesses having a social media presence compared to 68 per cent of consumers.  Interestingly, […]

How infographics can be used to tell your brand story (Canva example)

Infographics have been around the social (media) scene for a while now. While many brands have used the visual mechanic effectively, like any content medium it’s more often used and abused simply because it sounded like a good idea at the time. So in the interests of highlighting quality of execution, here’s a great example […]

Think bigger than just your brand

It’s funny how so many companies and organisations – large and small – continue to focus on the tactical minutiae of social media. They rail against Facebook for throttling the organic reach of their Brand Page, which has in effect stopped them from communicating with their audience unless they pony up cash (how dare they!). They persist […]

What is the difference between marketing and PR?

I’m often asked what is the difference (or perhaps more correctly, what are the differences) between marketing and public relations. While I can provide a pithy (but ultimately unsatisfying) answer, it’s an issue that comes with a number of layers and thus deserves a deeper explanation. So here we go! Definition of public relations My […]