The 4 risks of mergers & acquisitions: can you avoid them?

By Victoria Tomlinson, Mergers and acquisitions are typified by power games – everyone wants to be on the ‘winning’ side – and excitability about the potential for increased profits. In this blog I want to look at the issues of mergers and acquisitions – these insights have been gained from years of experience in the […]

7 tips for “one of the best” webinars

Last night I watched a webinar about using LinkedIn to build your networks and business. Even though I deliver something very similar, you can always learn more. Despite having a keen interest in the subject, I nearly abandoned it after just five minutes. Why? Because the presenters went on and on ….and on about themselves […]

Would your leader work for your own company?

By Victoria Tomlinson A few weeks ago I attended a CBI round table on the economy. Inevitably these mostly large employers started talking about the nightmare their businesses/organisations are going to face without cheap EU labour. I have added the word ‘cheap’, but that was essentially the issue. I drove away fuming.  These bosses are disconnected […]

Can you network too much?

By Victoria Tomlinson A few weeks ago a highly respected businesswoman asked me to join her exclusive, very senior club for networking.  Of course I was flattered – and then discovered I would need to pay £8k a year.  Gulp. However, £8k in itself should not be a barrier but it got me thinking about networking […]

Should a doctor or director be allowed to tweet personal views?

There is a thought-provoking case at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal in Manchester at the moment and every head of communications and chief exec should be thinking about the implications for their own business or organisation. The Guardian reports: “… Solomonides admitted posting 188 potentially offensive tweets from his account between July 2011 and January 2015. […]