Is it time for a debate about how the PR sector deals with Ethics?

Why isn’t the PR industry able to get a grip on and deal with ethical breaches? Don’t fall asleep. Please don’t. What I’m going to say matters to our industry and profession. Over the past week there have been a number of big reads about ethical issues. First there was Fleishman and accusations of astroturfing […]

Do you put your money where your values are?

Values. Go to almost any business website, and you’ll probably find a section dedicated to the company’s core values. They may be keywords like equality, diversity, authenticity and empathy. But these values can also explain what the brand is committed to, and why those commitments are important to the business and its people. Values aren’t […]

Tips for an effective ad campaign

“Is a Big Mac still a Big Mac if it has bacon?” This is the question being debated by McDonald’s customers all over the UK since bacon was added to its iconic Big Mac burger last month. Clearly a clever cross-media advertising campaign, the debate has gone viral on social media. Here, Carla Stanton, graphic […]

Proud of public relations

If you’re not proud of working in public relations it’s probably time to find something else to do. There’s a sport in public relations to publicly undermine what we do. Don’t get me wrong, reflection is a positive means of learning, and is something that I practice myself, but self flagellation in industry media helps […]

2018 Marketing Trends: The 10-insight health check

Jill Coomber, Managing Director, Consumer Marketing Europe, OneChocolate If there’s one constant in client’s briefs, it’s a desire to stay ahead. There’s a real sense of willingness to try new things whilst also delivering a solid ROI at the business level. This all starts from identifying great insights and key trends. So, when pulling together […]

How to build a budget PR tool stack and workflow

Tools to drive performance, deliver efficiencies, and demonstrate value needn’t break the bank. Here’s a guide to investing in PR tools and a series of recommendations.  I was challenged recently to build a budget tool stack for a freelancer, micro agency or small communication team. The assertion was that the cost of tools was beyond […]

Customer Service Principles? Please apply

By Niki Wheeler, Director, Launch Little did I realise when I worked in a pub (aged 14) and for a couple of big retailers (16-21), that retail and hospitality are the ultimate training grounds for comms. You need to know what your sales targets are, what is part of a new menu or collection, on […]

Why PR practitioners need to learn a new language – code

If someone said to you they couldn’t write, you’d think that was a bit odd, given it’s what we do every day. What if I said that the language of tomorrow was code? Young children are learning it, in their bedrooms, off their own back and they are more technically able in the world, than most adults. […]

Why the new labour policy won’t help the employee voice

This week the Labour party announced plans to bring the employee voice into the Boardroom. Under Labour’s plans, all companies with a workforce of 250 or more, whether public or private, would be required by law to reserve at least one third of places at the boardroom table for employee representatives. While the theory is […]