Google’s AI for Gmail is stupidity not intelligence

Google is in the midst of giving Gmail a revamp. The world’s most popular email system hasn’t had a facelift in over a decade and, frankly, was looking rather tired and out-of-date. There has been much criticism about the redesign. It has annoyed many die-hard fans of Gmail who have become used to the system […]

Party Conferences and Communication part 1; the Liberal Democrats

In the first in a mini-series, Paula Keaveney MCIPR explores the importance of the Party Conference season in communicating with party members and the wider electorate.   Party political conferences are about more than a get together. They are opportunities for a party to communicate to a wider world as well as to some of […]

Professions versus machines

A CIPR project led by Professor Anne Gregory is set to explore the impact of AI on the professions. Public relations exhibits many of the qualities associated with a profession but is very much a work in progress. A profession is defined by a number of criteria including: Barrier to entry in the form of […]

How Should You Measure Communications Before, During, and After a Crisis?

Although most organizations plan for crises, everyone assumes it’ll never happen to them. They draft the plans to check that box and then intend to leave it on the shelf. But, then it happens. An employee acts inappropriately, or your product causes illness or injuries, or you experience a data breach, and everything hits the […]

Getting Chartered. Is it worth it?

By Anne Marie-Lacey   I’ve been a Chartered PR practitioner for a little over a year now, and still look back on the day with fond memories. In fact, it was only yesterday I was chatting with a peer who is preparing for her assessment day, and I was recounting my experience of what the […]

Why internal communication strategies matter

How are internal communication strategies designed and implemented? Why do they matter? Today I have a guest post for you by Lisa Pantelli @lisapantelli. She’s an award-winning employee engagement and internal communications specialist and Director of Become. Lisa says she is passionate about gathering and interpreting employee-led insight to develop strategies to drive positive change. Sounds […]

PR: proud, practical, not propagandists

CIPR CAPSIG research regarding women in construction PR and marketing showed considerable pride in working in the sector, and recommended some changes to help develop a better, more diverse industry. Colleges and others are also taking practical steps – not turning into propagandists with another ‘lipstick on a pig’ campaign. The image of construction has […]

Exploring the importance of internal comms

Internal comms can often feel like the poor relation to PR in the public sector, but with the current workforce challenges facing the NHS it’s becoming more important than ever before. The always excellent NHS provider comms network focused on internal communications this time around and it’s clear that this is something at the top […]

Is AI a threat to PR copywriting?

Digital Download Live gave attendees a lot to consider, especially when it comes to how artificial intelligence will affect the PR industry. Some think that AI spells doom for us all, while others dismiss it as a realistic threat. The truth is somewhere in the middle. I still think that the creative aspect of writing […]

What Makes A Good CEO In A Crisis?

We have all seen CEOs perform in times of a crisis for their organisation. But what are the main traits that help them to perform well? What makes a good CEO in a crisis? The type of pressure faced in times of a crisis is different from other forms. The time available to think and […]