Judge the PR industry’s most prestigious awards

The Excellence Awards are the most credible international awards in public relations. As the profession’s chartered body, we don’t give out awards lightly. Our 90-strong team of expert judges select the shortlist and hold panel interviews with successful entrants in each category. The standards of our awards process were recognised last year at the Association […]

Working towards a community of practice in public relations

A healthy working relationship between academia and practice makes good business sense. There’s plenty of opportunity in public relations. This is the text of a report that I’ve written for the CIPR based on an online conversation exploring the opportunity for cooperation between public relations academia and practice. A full copy of the document is available via Slideshare. […]

Employees are the stars of this internal event

The Communications Team from Bradford District Care NHS Foundation were highly commended at CIPR inside #insidestory 2015 Awards for Best Internal Event. Here the Trust’s Communications Officer Aimee Haggas gives us the run down on what makes a great internal event. Over to Aimee: Celebrate the achievements of staff, give everyone the ‘feel good factor’, […]

Five ways to prove you are an expert

Who would you like to buy from – someone who knows almost nothing about what they are selling, or an individual who clearly has a degree of expertise? Unless you are buying simple commodities, such as groceries, the chances are you would prefer to buy from someone who knows what they are talking about. But […]

Back to the future of communication

What is the future of communication? I’m going to share what I think will remain relevant for comms pros whether you’re in 2015 or 3015. I’m looking to the future because 21 October 2015 is officially #backtothefutureday – the date in the iconic Back to the Future films when we’re all meant to be whizzing […]

‘Holyrood Exposed’ detracts from genuine transparency efforts

This past weekend a document claiming to expose the hidden practices of lobbying in Scotland was published jointly by Spinwatch, Unlock Democracy and the Electoral Reform Society. Holyrood Exposed aims to provide a snapshot of the business interests influencing politicians in Scotland, but the guide’s gross misinterpretation of lobbying and its role within society results […]

Shine a light on your internal communication: #insidestory awards 2016

It’s that time of year again… The #insidestory awards are back for their fourth year and are now open for entries. We are calling all internal communicators and employee engagement specialists to come and show us their great work, get it recognised and awarded. You have until midnight on Friday 20 November (or the late […]

15 questions for the future President of the CIPR

Andy Green and Jason MacKenzie are standing for election for CIPR President 2017. I caught up with them ahead of voting opening on Monday to discuss their views of public relations and the CIPR. The interview and questions are based on my personal experience as President last year. In a wide ranging discussion we talked about the […]

Public relations is not marketing

  Is it important for professional associations like the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Public Relations Consultants Association to be able to say what the relationship should be between public relations and marketing? The question is raised following an exchange with PRCA’s director general on PRCA’s web chat on 21 July: Jon White‏@DrJonWhite  Jul 21 […]

FIR #820: Marketing is shifting from agencies and moving in-house

Tweet Intro: The final episode of The Hobson and Holtz Report is coming in September, and more news about changes in FIR; new FIR Interview coming this week; two new FIR Podcast Network shows about to debut: YouTubular Conversations with Harry Hawk, EE Voice with Sharon McIntosh and Sharon Phillips; Quick News: Is VR the […]