Feedback from agencies – you are not alone

By Peter Ibbetson, director, Journolink, There is one word that crops up in the first sentence of every conversation I have had in the past fortnight with existing and prospective agency clients. Budgets. In the second sentence comes the explanation that it’s both the agency’s budget, and the budget of their client that they are […]

There is a gift that keeps on giving

By Kevin Taylor FCIPR, As you can imagine, the current coronavirus crisis is seeing an upsurge in CIPR members contacting iprovision and looking for support. It’s a worrying time for many in our industry. Solo practitioners, used to working from home, suddenly find themselves needing to deliver home schooling while clients drop off and income […]

How Coronavirus is changing the way we conduct broadcast interviews

By Sam Munton, Account Executive, 4 Media Group Due to Coronavirus and social distancing measures broadcasters, are increasingly looking to minimise face-to-face interviews. A major tv news station have said they have banned studio guests and all interviews are now conducted over Skype or Facetime. With many likely to follow this in the coming days, […]

PENGUINS, DOGS AND PODCASTS: Escapism for self-isolationers and frazzled comms people

‘He’s an escapist’, the writer Nathaniel West once wrote, ‘he wants to cultivate his interior garden.’ What is striking is that everyone has a tolerance for coronavirus news and especially if you’re in the public sector communicating it. At times, a 24-hour flow of information can intoxicate. If only, you think, if I keep reading […]

My first six weeks as CIPR president

It’s been a little over six weeks since I started the role of President for CIPR in 2020. When I pledged what I would do in my year I was clear about my focus on volunteers, members and professional conduct and we have kicked off the year with that in mind. When you become president […]

State of the Profession matters: Shape the future of the PR business

By Jon Gerlis, public relations and policy manager, CIPR, I have a favour to ask and it’s right at the bottom of this post so I’m more than happy for you to skip to the end on this occasion.  If you’re still with me, allow me to indulge in a rare moment of reflection. 2019 […]

Whistles: To blow or not to blow? It’s a question of ethics

By Kevin Taylor, Whistleblowers are certainly making headline news around the world at the moment with not one, but apparently now two, anonymous American whistleblowers accusing the holder of the highest office in the land of colluding with a foreign power for his own personal political gain. This particular act of whistleblowing has directly led […]

Acts of kindness: Raising awareness of benevolence

The CIPR benevolent fund, iprovision, has thrown its weight behind a new PR campaign aimed at raising awareness of the impact grant-making charities have on society. One Day Changes Lives is a new national awareness day on October 16, and created by the Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) – the umbrella body uniting charities that […]

This is not a drill: Counter-terrorism communications

When a major terrorist incident occurs, communications really can save lives. We can all learn lessons from those who have witnessed such comms planning up close… Terrorists don’t just turn up on the day and decide to commit an atrocity. It’s a big deal for them too. Their planning isn’t all hooded figures staking out […]