Influence with CEO is key – Social Media and Crisis Comms

The timely subject for the latest podcast was the role of social media in handling crisis comms. Following the Thomas Cook tragedy, the scandal surrounding FIFA and the awful scenes at Alton Towers which resulted in a 17 year old girl losing her leg, the role of how organisations handle sensitive situations has been under […]

No such thing as an organic campaign – take-homes from the Social Media World Forum

There’s no such thing as an organic only campaign – the question is the ratio between paid-for and organic growth. A one-to-one ratio and you’re doing well. That was the message Amex’s Simon Veaney gave to the Social Media World Forum this week. Veaney’s talk was entitled Paid Amplification vs Organic Growth and started with […]

Making measurement mainstream in public relations

Another year, another round of discussions of the importance of measurement in public relations.  The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation in Communication at its annual conference held last week in Stockholm concluded with a number of commitments to revitalise the Barcelona Principles and to work with member PR association members “to truly make measurement […]

Kids do not ruin your PR Career: our response

On 1 June, not the 1 April, PRMoment published an article by Hacked Off Flack entitled: Why Hacked Off Flack reckons kids ruin your PR career. It was first brought it to my attention by Sarah Stimson, a successful mum of one (soon to be two) who runs the inspirational Taylor Bennett Foundation placements, supported by the CIPR and many […]

Getting the message across – a look at the General Election campaigns

With the Queen’s Speech read the dust has now started to settle from the shock result of the General Election, and the Labour Party is asking itself why its message did not attract enough ballot box ticks. While senior members jostle for position in the leadership race the party inevitably partakes in some navel-gazing about […]