How brands can navigate China’s livestreaming market

By Carol Chan, MD, Comms8 An astounding 98% of people in China experience the internet through their mobile phone, which instantly makes over 800 million users a formidable cohort for marketers to tap into. When combined with the steady growth of the Chinese middle-class it is clear to see the business opportunities waiting for the […]


By Emma Yates, defamation, reputation management and IP specialist lawyer at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. As PR professionals and communication experts, you will be fully aware of the huge value that a brand can have. Promoting it is of course crucial, but protecting it is arguably even more important and utilising the skills of a specialist […]

Government needs to look, listen and learn

By Mandy Pearse, FCIPR, Chart PR  It is high time that government looked, listened and learnt from the innovative PR practice in local government instead of telling Councils how to communicate with their citizens. Taking Hackney Council through the courts to stop it producing a fortnightly council newspaper is a clear example of dogma versus evidence. […]

Seven reasons why being on a board is good for your career

By Christine Bowles, Head of PR and Marketing, Renaix and Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director, Women on Boards UK. CIPR members have many of the capabilities that community and business boards across the UK are looking for right now. Good boards will be doing a skills audit and looking for the qualities you could bring rather […]

Is it time for a debate about how the PR sector deals with Ethics?

Why isn’t the PR industry able to get a grip on and deal with ethical breaches? Don’t fall asleep. Please don’t. What I’m going to say matters to our industry and profession. Over the past week there have been a number of big reads about ethical issues. First there was Fleishman and accusations of astroturfing […]

Do you put your money where your values are?

Values. Go to almost any business website, and you’ll probably find a section dedicated to the company’s core values. They may be keywords like equality, diversity, authenticity and empathy. But these values can also explain what the brand is committed to, and why those commitments are important to the business and its people. Values aren’t […]

Making a splash: help choose the next Influence cover

We’ve got a bit of a problem here at Influence Towers. It’s really important to us that we have a great looking magazine. A lot of time and effort goes into creating the design of each edition and the cover story is a big part of that. Yet, for the next edition of Influence, due […]

New record for iprovision ‘fun casino’

The iprovision fun casino at the 2019 CIPR Excellence Awards set a new fundraising record for the benevolent fund – with £4,120 being raised by the charity. Many of the 600 plus attendees ‘bought’ the fun money used to play at the roulette and black jack tables.  Those taking part then try to end the […]