Ethics Q&A with new CIPR President

Now more than ever, professional ethics are being thrust into the global spotlight and are becoming a requirement for every industry, profession and individual. Public relations and communications have been leading the way in this respect for decades. This year the CIPR is supporting the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management in its […]

Solopreneurs: Is it worth it to be chartered?

In 2015, I quit my full time job to start up my Public Relations (PR) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) boutique agency in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). When I took that step, I realized later that I not only lost the sense of job security, but also having clear milestones of career development. As […]

Master the tools of media training to become an effective all-round communicator

By Robert Taylor, The skills needed to do a first-rate media interview are the same skills for communicating well generally. One of the most common mistakes people make when they start doing media interviews is to think that it’s simply a matter of giving good, thorough answers.  But that merely helps the journalist gets what […]

5 reasons why it’s important to invest in you and your career

By Deb Sharratt, This week I start back to work properly in 2019, but taking the time during the first few days of the year, to look back at 2018 last week has really shown me how much commitment and effort I’ve put into developing myself both professionally and personally. In addition to my day job […]

Before writing absolutely anything…

By Kate Betts, You know what it’s like; you’ve got to get that piece written, that report finished, that document completed. It might be a press release, a case study, copy for a website; whatever it is, it is easy to focus on doing the task, without thinking about how it is going to be […]

The Value of Public Relations

If you tell others over and over again that you know what you’re doing, that you’re committed to be the best you can be, and that you understand the strategic role Public Relations plays in business, you might get somewhere. But, when a business leader such as Heathrow Airport’s CEO argues publicly that Public Relations and Communication […]

Get Chartered – why I did it

By Daniel Gerrella, My original career plan was to go into journalism. I studied it at degree level, secured my NCTJ qualifications and did work experience at both a press agency and a local newspaper. An elective module in PR and a meeting with an agency head changed my mind. I was enthusiastic about the variety, […]

Throw out the Gantt Chart! (And other top tips for change communicators)

By Alison Arnot FCIPR, CIPR Trainer and Director at Catalyst Communications, Successful change relies on the willing and effective support of all the different people in your organisation and it makes sense that open, honest and regular conversation is the best way to secure this. At the same time, we know major change can trigger […]

How Your Organisation Can Make The Most Of Writing For Online

By Colin Kelly, Whether it’s a public facing website, or a company wide intranet, it’s safe to say your organisation is creating more online written content that at any point in its history. But are you truly making the most of the unique opportunities online offers? Most organisations don’t. All too often I see bloated […]

Five ways to turn stakeholders into cheerleaders

By Jo Field, Brexit is a critical issue for PR professionals. It will dominate politics, government, and the media for the foreseeable future. And it opens up both opportunities and challenges for the organisations we represent. Against this backdrop of change, demands from customers and service users are also shifting. Organisations are asking themselves how […]