How Google’s phrase and BMM update will affect your PPC strategy

By Sean Healy, head of PPC at Jaywing. In February, Google announced some changes to the way they will match search queries to ads. For businesses that utilise Google Ads – formerly known as Google AdWords – to promote themselves to customers, this is likely to impact your PPC (pay-per-click) strategy. These changes specifically focus […]

The digital content sweet spot: How to please your audience and Google

By Carrie Webb, head of content at The Bigger Boat. For many brands, creating content that appeals to both search engines and people can be a challenge. In actual fact, it’s not about prioritising one over the other. The two go hand in hand – they’re almost one and the same. Points for credibility if […]

How to Boost your Domain Authority Through Link Building

By Colin Cather, Creative Director of digital PR agency Bottle. The purpose of PR (and digital PR) in the simplest version is to build brands. That brand-building has two dimensions – brand strength, and brand stature. Authority and Brand Stature ‘Strength’ is about differentiation, distinctiveness, and relevance: standing out, getting noticed by the right people. […]

An Immersive 2021 Beckons

By Damian Collier, Founder and CEO of Blend Media. As we head towards the end of a tumultuous 2020, all eyes are now looking to a hopefully more positive 2021 for public relations and marketing professionals. I’m in no doubt that the forthcoming year will mark a huge turning point for the uptake of immersive […]

Closing the Gap between data and creativity in brand marketing

By Stefan Britton, Commercial Director, Datasine. At Datasine we recently hosted a roundtable where leading marketing professionals discussed the gap between data and creativity in marketing. While data is largely about bringing structure, meaning and segmentation, marketing is still a highly creative discipline. As these two worlds collide, how can we bring these seemingly polar […]

AI is ticking time bomb for PR’s reputation

PR’s reputation is ticking if it cannot get a handle on AI ethics and advise on AI builds and deployments. By Kerry Sheehan Chart.PR; FCIPR; AIinPR Chair. PR is in a dangerous place if it doesn’t take AI ethics seriously, advising on AI builds and deployments. Recently we have seen the UK exams algorithm court […]

It is always about ethics – even with AI

By Jean Valin and Anne Gregory. As corporations are becoming more digital, data-driven and agile in response to stakeholder expectations and the corona virus pandemic, more focus is being placed on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in organisational systems, ways of working and decision-making. In the world of communication, sophisticated technology, from content management […]

Can you beat an algorithm?

For several weeks now, I have been blocked by Instagram. I can post images, but I cannot add a caption. Nor can I comment on any other person’s post. Plus I cannot “like” any photos I see. According to Instagram, I am a “potential spammer”, and therefore my account permissions have been reduced until I […]

Post-COVID-19 comms – the road to a ‘new normal’ for the tech sector

By Rachel McElroy, chief marketing officer for technology solutions and services provider, Solutionize Global. Amid a pandemic, no tech organisation wants to be remembered for the wrong things they’ve said or done during people’s true time of need. More than ever before, the world has required enterprises to be authentic, empathetic, and human in their […]