Is YouTube Right To Ban Videos Linking 5G With COVID-19?

By Nicola Rossi, The news that YouTube is deleting all conspiracy theory videos linking coronavirus to 5G exemplifies the social media giants’ ongoing dilemma. They have to navigate the ongoing tension between being an open platform, and policing information on the internet that could harm people’s lives. First, full disclosure. I was involved in managing communications around early rollout […]

How Coronavirus is changing the way we conduct broadcast interviews

By Sam Munton, Account Executive, 4 Media Group Due to Coronavirus and social distancing measures broadcasters, are increasingly looking to minimise face-to-face interviews. A major tv news station have said they have banned studio guests and all interviews are now conducted over Skype or Facetime. With many likely to follow this in the coming days, […]

AI and Strategic PR: The new frontier

By Miguel Martinez, PhD, In the last decade, the PR and communications industry has gone through a huge transformation, with sources of information increasing exponentially in volume and speed, as well as a complete change in information consumption patterns. Unfortunately, this has forced PR professionals to focus on more tactical tasks, rather than using their […]

Technology and the Age of Anxiety

By Richard Bailey, editor, PR Academy, Looking back over the past decade, one narrative comes clear. A decade ago, there was an optimistic tone to discussions around media, technology and communication. This reached its high point with Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody (2008). Social media could be used to track down who had stolen a smartphone; collective […]

AIinPR issues stark call to PR industry – Upskill or risk getting left behind

The #AIinPR panel has issue a stark call to PR practitioners to ‘upskill or risk getting left behind and harming the future of our profession’ as global research clearly shows public relations is not ready for artificial intelligence. The call comes following an intensive12-month global research project carried out by the CIPR Artificial Intelligence in […]

The role of public relations in digital transformation

Recently I was speaking at/on a virtual conference, Insight Live, by Digital Leaders. Here’s my presentation which was aimed to help move on the conversation… The theme was digital transformation and of course I had an opinion about how the role of communication and public relations should be more integrated and a strategic part of […]

Ethics and human-like machines: Do we need an AI Transparency Disclosure policy?

By Anthony Olabode Ayodele, It was in the late ’90s. Grandmaster and World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov, after winning the first, suffered defeat during a second encounter in the hands of the IBM created Deep Blue. As a freelancer for The Guardian, Nigeria then (I was staffed later) I monitored the final moments of the historical […]

Copywriting for YouTube Ads – How to Get ‘Buyer’ Clicks Fast

YouTube ads may be dirt cheap to run. But that doesn’t mean making them profitable is easy. Far from it. People now have WORSE attention spans than goldfish (Microsoft did a study on it). And you’re competing for attention with an entire screen of things to click on like an elaborate game of dopamine whack-a-mole. […]