Alexa, is AI taking over online marketing?

The year is 2033; velour tracksuits have made an unfortunate comeback, easyJet can send you to Mars for just over a fiver and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has officially taken over the world. Although we may have another 14 years before the robot revolution, AI is already dominating the multi-media sectors. With 72 per cent of […]

How to build incredible engagement: From LADbible to LinkedIn and beyond

At 24, Tim Hyde is a global engagement wunderkind and works with some of the world’s coolest brands. He explains how he creates a distinct content style, why engagement isn’t always an upward curve and what people get wrong when they newsjack By Mark Rowland, Tim Hyde’s first job, straight out of school, was as […]

#Hacked – even @Jack is not safe from hackers

By Hanna Basha, Partner at Payne Hicks Beach, Almost every company has a Twitter handle. Many companies also run accounts for their key figureheads to make communication feel more personal. However, Twitter is not without security concerns. Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was hacked recently with the hackers posting offensive, ugly and racist tweets. If the […]

Fixing the broken web

A new #FuturePRoof guide highlights the ills of the web. It’s the start of an important conversation about how communicators tackle disinformation and fix the broken web. The great hope of the world wide web in 1989 was that it would democratise the publication and sharing of information. It enabled anyone with access to the […]

It’s nothing personal: Why you need to turn off personalised search

Stone Junction’s marketing executive, Tasha Bodger, explains why getting personal with Google can be bad for business. Most of us would rather Google didn’t check our online search history; but for a media-savvy business owner or anyone downloading bootleg footage of the new Lion King, it can be more than just an inconvenience. Personalised searches enable […]

How brands can navigate China’s livestreaming market

By Carol Chan, MD, Comms8 An astounding 98% of people in China experience the internet through their mobile phone, which instantly makes over 800 million users a formidable cohort for marketers to tap into. When combined with the steady growth of the Chinese middle-class it is clear to see the business opportunities waiting for the […]

CIPR kicks off #AIinPR Primer series with introductory guide to AI

A new series of guides explores artificial intelligence (AI) in public relations practice. They’re published by the CIPR #AIinPR panel. The CIPR has published a Skills Guide about #AIinPR. An introduction to AI in PR is available for free via the CIPR website. It’s intended for anyone that works in communications. The primer explores the […]

Public Relations Research: Thinking Outside the Box at BledCom

A public relations research conference is a good place to test some of the assumptions underlying practice. BledCom, an international public relations research symposium that has just finished its 26th annual meeting in Bled, Slovenia, stirred up controversy by questioning the practice’s interests in trust and reputation. Do these topics really merit the importance attached […]

Love Island Contestants: Faking it till they make it?

‘It is what it is’ has become this year’s Love Island soundbite. But when it comes to the contestants’ social media following, perhaps all is not what it seems, according to new research. An investigation by Instagram influencer marketing service, Takumi, has exposed significant numbers of fake followers on the contestants’ profiles. Using AI powered […]