21st century Public Relations: a Blockbuster story

Any PR person worth their salt knows that statistics can make the basis for a good story.  In the age of the corporate storyteller, we’re forever hearing how narrative skills are essential for PR practitioners.  But sometimes we can forget that the narrative often needs numbers to support it. So what’s the story from the […]

The truth gap, diversity & PR

The latest State of the Profession survey results make for fascinating reading. It was encouraging to see that for the first time ever public relations professionals were asked about the business case for diversity.  The thinking behind this approach is that if we as a profession can accept the business case for diversity and inclusion […]

Facebook, Maslow & the Psychology of Social Media

A couple of years ago, Boston University released the results of a study into the psychological aspects of why people use Facebook. It looked at how Facebook specifically, but in a wider sense social media in general, fits into the context of human needs. The research concluded that, in line with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, […]