#DiversitySpotlight Q&A: Why Diversity in PR is good for business

In our first series of Q&A’s, #DiversitySpotlight catches up with  25-year old city PR Consultant Emmanuel Ofosu-Appiah to discuss his views on diversity in public relations. When did you start your PR career? My PR career began in 2012 with the Taylor Bennett Foundation training scheme. Hosted by financial PR firm Brunswick, The Taylor Bennett […]

There is no such thing as one-size fits all in communications

Regardless of the sector you work for, or the part of the world you are based in, your audience is diverse. Fact. It’s made up of different ages, backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations and identities, disabilities, long-term health conditions and education-levels.Statistically speaking 51% of the population is female, 12 million people in the UK have a […]

Serious about Diversity? Then Focus on Inclusion

Inclusion is the only path to real diversity success. Diversity alone delivers nothing – in fact if left to its own devices it can cause havoc, impede performance and damage reputation. That’s because conflict among people who are different is the natural order of things. We are all naturally tribal and we tend to prefer […]

Publishing data on gender pay not enough

On Monday evening, CIPR hosted a Debating Group event at the House of Commons where routes and roadmaps to tackling the gender pay gap were analysed, discussed and picked apart. The motion ‘Requiring large firms to publish pay data will end the gender pay gap in a generation’ was proposed by Mary Whenman, President at […]

Embrace diversity or fail

Diversity – why care? Hasn’t diversity been done to death in the media? Hasn’t the PR industry ‘done that’ and moved on to the next hot topic? Well the answer is no. In fact, diversity only continues to become more important and relevant as it increasingly drives societal change, becomes a factor in how we communicate, questions our concepts […]

Mind the pay gap: How to achieve parity in PR

  #FuturePRoof launched earlier this month with the purpose of asserting the value of public relations as a management discipline. A new chapter is being shared every day on the site. Here’s my contribution, the very last chapter, released early to mark Equal Pay Day. You can find out more and download the full book via www.futureproofingcomms.co.uk. […]

Is PR prepared for name-blind recruitment?

A ‘foreign sounding’ name will reduce your chances of landing a place with a leading firm or university. That was the message from a BBC article published earlier this week. Reflecting on a range of academic papers, the article highlights the discrimination faced by job candidates and university hopefuls from ethnic minority backgrounds. Implications for […]

Diversity should be more than just a slogan

Lord Chris Smith, Chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority, and Andrew Barratt, Head of Ogilvy Pride UK, have written about the need for a sincere commitment to diversity. Just a few weeks ago Washington DC was awash with rainbow colours and delighted celebrations as the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. A sea-change for America. […]