Diversification and the lost generation of PR

By Amy Airey, There was an era when media relations was at the heart of PR. It defined PR. PR could quite easily have stood for press relations. But there’s been a seismic, and industry-changing, shift, and it’s really quite exciting. Don’t get me wrong, media relations is crucial and, nine times out of ten, […]

How PR can help close the Gender Say Gap

By Claire Mason, CEO Man Bites Dog, Gender equality is having a moment. From gender pay gap reporting to the first anniversary of the #MeToo movement, shining a light on inequality is changing the standards society will tolerate. But these critical milestones are just symptoms of a much bigger issue: the ‘Gender Say Gap’ – […]

Building a more socially mobile PR industry

By Alan Morgan, Director at Portland, In the UK today, a number of our professions including politics, law and the arts remain dominated by people from “more privileged” backgrounds. The statistics on my own industry are a sobering reminder of how much work there is to do to improve diversity. In the communications industry there […]

Who’s influencing who? Why age diverse teams deliver the best PR campaigns.

Influencers are utterly divergent between the generations and there are few brands that can afford to ignore either end of the age spectrum. By Nicky Smith, Most brands rely on being purchased or consumed by older age groups to survive and make a profit, after they’ve been discovered and made cool by the young. Here’s […]

Five steps you can take right now to make your PR event inclusive

By Sara Hawthorn, The PR industry is stepping up its commitment to making our profession more diverse. As a deaf PR agency owner, without a uni degree and who grew up in a council flat, the inclusion of more diverse people including disabled, BAME, LGBTQ+, and those from different socio-economic backgrounds is a subject close to […]

Plastic Surgery: Can Mattel rebrand Barbie as a model feminist for 2018?

By Anna Hart, The man whose job it is to style the world’s “ultimate fashion muse” is wearing head-to-toe black: Prada boots, Saint Laurent trousers, a chequered Dior shirt and a tailored Balenciaga jacket. As I’m greeted by Barbie senior design director Robert Best at Mattel HQ in El Segundo, on the outskirts of Los […]

Employee Communication, Diversity and Human Resource Management

Can understanding the principles of Human Resource Management help internal communicators navigate through the complexities of organisational diversity and leadership, and have a significant positive impact in multinational corporations? While you may be familiar with the term “Human Resource Management” (HRM), its importance to large national or multinational businesses is rarely discussed. HRM is now considered […]

Gender Pay Gap, Returners and PR Recruitment

By Amanda Fone CEO & Founder f1 Recruitment,  More and more corporates are thinking about how to use a returners programme to help with their gender pay gap. For example, a company in the Fin/Tech sector or Tech sector could be finding in the current talent poor market that their Marketing team is struggling to find talent at […]

How to make your brand’s digital communications more accessible for Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018

By Ross Linnett, Founder & CEO of Recite Me, On 17 May 2018 it’s the seventh Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). GAAD aims to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital accessibility and inclusion and people with different disabilities. You are no doubt a PR or communications professional who shapes and influences the design […]

Gender Pay Gap – making sense of the numbers

By Rhian Radia, Partner, Hodge Jones & Allen LLP, The scores are in but what is behind the numbers and how might companies be impacted? The first point to note is that the statistics do not in themselves provide a way in for a woman to argue that she is paid less than a man. […]