Gender pay gap: yet another reason PR (probably) isn’t what you think it is!

By Anthony Bullick, Wednesday 4 April was the deadline for companies with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay split – a review into the difference between what their male and female employees earn. It’s part of a move by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to crackdown on gender inequality in the workplace. […]

Tackling the moral issues of new technology

One of the things I love the most about SXSW is the potential for random encounters and discussions about new technology. The first one for me was on the plane before we’d even landed, when I met a fascinating woman who was visiting SXSW to assess the possibilities for technology to bring education to a […]

My Diversity and Inclusion Wishlist for PR and Communications

Over the last eighteen months I’ve been working in the area of diversity and inclusion for Big Voice Communications, which is a specialist diversity and inclusion communications consultancy. I’ve learnt a lot about diversity and inclusion, accessibility, and inclusive marketing and communications. I’ve loved my experience and the work is extremely rewarding. And I’ve been […]

Are women better than men at handling a crisis?

Are men better at handling a crisis than women are? Are women indecisive and less reliable than men? Do women generally seek others’ approval before they make a decision? Is women’s inclination to listen to diverse view points seen as a gender weakness? According to Dr Therese Houston, women generally advance in leadership roles when […]

Taylor Bennett Foundation Launches in Scotland

A charity set up to tackle the lack of ethnic diversity in the communications industry is to launch its first graduate training programme in Scotland. The Taylor Bennett Foundation (TBF), which works with PR agencies and in-house communications teams to provide intensive training for black and minority ethnic (BAME) graduates, will launch its first programme […]

The Presidents Club – PR gestures not enough

By Matt Baldwin, Coast, The Presidents Club has been quietly doing its thing for the past 30 years, raising not inconsiderable amounts of cash for charities.  Rumours of bad behaviour have followed it for many years, but it wasn’t alone. Stories regularly emerge from the City where women are the butt of bad behaviour from […]

The True Value of Diversity

By Kate Rattigan The lack of diversity in the public relations industry is an issue that has been brought to light by CIPR in their “From Diversity to Inclusion” report (CIPR, 2015). The report reveals that only 9% of PR practitioners are from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds. It also reveals that the industry […]

Public Relations in 2018 – five risks

After a couple of years of economic, political and social turmoil you might be fooled into thinking 2018 is going to be a comparative walk in the park. There are some big challenges on the horizon but, with some careful thought and planning, these can be professionally negotiated. Here are five things that should already […]

Diagnose your unconscious bias in a bid to tackle diversity

Challenging your own personal bias is the first step to tackling diversity writes Sarah Stimson #1 Why is addressing diversity in public relations so important? There are a number of reasons. If the aim of PR is to reach a wide audience, then it makes sense that the industry is reflective of those audiences. It […]