Getting ready for your first Gender Pay Audit

In a few months’ time many PR teams are going to face a major challenge when, for the first time, the law will require their employer or client to publish details of their own gender pay audit. The Fawcett Gender Pay Gap Conference on Thursday 12 October, explored what organisations should expect from their first […]

Target for BME diversity in public relations underestimates issue

The public relations profession should represent the public that it seeks to engage. Regional employment data suggests it has further to go than previously recognised. Analysis published by #FuturePRoof suggests that the UK public relations profession needs to work harder to tackle diversity. Karan Chadda overlaid regional employment data for the public relations industry against […]

Employment culture: reputation dynamite

If you think HR and comms are separate functions, think again. By Gabrielle Lane The man who made Google Google-y It was a tale of two headlines. The first, ‘Google HR chief Laszlo Bock is leaving’, announced the departure of the tech giant’s senior vice president of people operations. The second, ‘One of the executives […]

Sarah Pinch honoured for championing women in business

Our boardrooms are lacking in gender diversity, and the absence of female representation has an impact at all levels of an organisation. The presence of strong, female role models across all sectors and industries is essential to develop a pool of diverse rising talent. Today I’m delighted to share the news with you that Sarah […]

Diversity in PR in Scotland

Diversity in PR is a big topic. It’s not just about gender. Two years ago, at #PRFest, I invited people to join a panel to discuss diversity in PR. I was disappointed with some of the conversation and I was also surprised by some comments from practitioners. At least it gave me a good picture […]

Pledge your support to tackle ethnic diversity gap in public relations

The Taylor Bennett Foundation has launched a £50,000 campaign to expand its programme to encourage black, Asian and ethnic minority candidates to consider a career in public relations. The numbers tell the story. The UK public relations industry is white, middle class and concentrated in London. 86% of the population identify as white according to […]

How do UK PR agencies integrate me?

As a young foreign student, one of the first things Maria Temneanu was told was that taking a couple of elocution lessons will help her more than 3 years worth of undergraduate PR knowledge.  I know, right? When it comes to diversity and employment, PR seems to be riddled with contradictions. Agencies boast about hiring […]

Taylor Bennett Foundation appeals to PR community

The Taylor Bennett Foundation has been around since 2007, and is widely regarded as being at the forefront of taking action on the lack of ethnic diversity in the PR industry – in other words, we get results. In the world of non-profits we’re considered a small charity, with an annual turnover of less than […]

Where have all the ‘grey hairs’ gone?

It was interesting to hear Katie Perrior’s views of her time as No10 Comms Director. But the thing which caught my ear was her critique of the make-up of the Prime Minister’s inner circle. Perrior told the BBC: “Being in the Home Office for such a long time, with that being her top team, she […]