NHS recruitment campaign sends out wrong message

Call it reassuring or horrifying, but the last few weeks have proved the advertising giants can get it wrong, very wrong. Taking the rawest of emotions, life defining private moments, and casting out for cynical public consumption – yes that’s you McDonalds – is ill conceived at best. You have to wonder what happened to […]

Uber’s Very Bad Horrible String of Events

Uber is en route to a massive IPO. As the company gets closer to its destination, its once 5-star rating is rapidly diminishing. As a result, the company’s president, Jeff Jones, opened the Uber door and jumped out after only six months on the job. The list of recent offenses, not all incidents since its launch, […]

Time to be brave and stand up to pay inequality

Research published today by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations is the first time my industry has gone behind the figures to find out what the drivers are for the embarrassing, unacceptable gender pay gap in PR. I first spoke to Mary Whenman, President of Women in PR, about this research months ago. It took time to […]

In 2017 we simply shouldn’t need to discuss the gender pay gap

By Mary Whenman, President, Women in PR Two years ago, in 2015 McKinsey proved the economic case for diversity by showing that companies with more women at the top, outperform others by 15%. Other research conducted by EY with the Peterson Institute for International Economics recently found that companies with at least 30% female leaders […]

PR has a diversity and inclusion perception and reality gap

As Chair of the CIPR Diversity & Inclusion Forum I welcome the profession-wide monitoring of key diversity and inclusion data each year. We will only know the reality of the state of our profession if we continue to ask the right questions and encourage a culture of sharing. The arguments for greater diversity and better […]

Help create a more equal PR industry

The Government Response to the Women and Equalities Committee Second Report makes for sobering reading, of the 17 recommendations made by the committee in their 2016 report, 16 of them were for the Government (the other was addressed to Equality and Human Rights Commission). I commend the entire report to you, but for now I […]

Why we need #SpeakCockneyDay on March 3rd 2017

The Cockney accent will disappear from the streets of London – it will be brown bread – unless we do something. #SpeakCockneyDay on March 3rd is celebrating what it is to speak, live and be a Cockney, to keep its spirit, sense and slang alive. Cockney is more than an accent, or vernacular. It’s a […]

PR needs to encourage women returning to work

By Antonia Welch A  new report published by an all-party parliamentary group has recommended that every workplace with 250+ employers should have a policy on returnships to help women resume their careers after an extended break. While it is encouraging that larger businesses are being urged to consider the merits of a returnship programme, the […]

PR pros invited to contribute to healthy workplace research

At a time when finding the right talent can be a difficult task, British businesses are missing out on the skills of a significant number of individuals. Disabled people and people with health conditions are under-represented in the workplace, a situation the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) hopes to change as part of its […]

#Equalpayday – can more be done?

Equal Pay Day which highlights the disparity in pay between men and women. Today represents the time in the year when women will effectively stop earning, in comparison to their male counterparts. Among many digital and in person campaigns, staff at the popular Stylist Magazine will be leaving work 18% earlier, which according to their […]