The Hidden Role Internal Communications Plays in Employee Experience

By James Scott, CEO, Thrive. As you’ve scrambled to respond to the pandemic at your organisation, have you given much thought as to what the employee experience has been? And whether or not it’s improved, remained the same, or actually worsened? COVID-19 has raised many concerns about our workplaces, from safety to technology to whether or […]

Supporting continued learning and development

By Gemma Storey. Two of the main things that motivate people – according to Drive by Daniel Pink – are mastery and autonomy. Mastery isn’t referring to perfection, but the continual improvement of our chosen skills and expertise. Meanwhile, autonomy motivates us by giving us control over our thoughts, actions and time. Effective learning programmes incorporate […]

It’s time to eradicate the negative stigma of dyslexia in the comms industry

Madeleine Weightman, Co-Founder of the platform for marketing and comms freelancers, The Work Crowd which has launched launched a diversity board with Hanson Search, explains her family’s experience with dyslexia and provides practical tips for agencies to avoid discriminating against people living with it. I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was about 13 and […]

Five steps to increase engagement at your virtual event

By Joe Taylor, director at evensix. Without a doubt the impact of Covid-19 will fundamentally change the way the events industry works forever. So much so, in fact, that we believe that the events industry is at a real tipping point in which it could actually innovate way beyond its current form and demonstrate digital excellence […]

Football’s Public Affairs Own Goal

The leaking of details about Project Big Picture, with plans to revise the Premier League, led to widespread discussion but the reaction of the Government was pretty clear – they were not impressed. So what went wrong and what can public affairs teach those involved? After the plans were leaked, it was up to the […]

Instagram cracks down on influencer disclosure

Instagram cracks down on influencer disclosure pledging to do more to prevent hidden advertising marking an important behaviour shift by the major platform. Instagram has today committed to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) that it will do more to prevent hidden advertising being posted on its platform. The CMA – the UK government watchdog […]

Saving the planet is ‘a communications challenge’

By Claire Barraclough. The global communications community has been issued with a call to action to pull the planet back from an irreversible tipping point in the next ten years. In his first Instagram post broadcast legend Sir David Attenborough described saving the planet as ‘a communications challenge’. Sustainability is the only future for business […]

Influencers owning the news: opportunities become risk

As influencers take ownership of the news, brand opportunities become more entwined with ethics and consumer protection. By Alec Harden-Henry, Commercial Director, Influence Network. Hopefully, by now, we all know that the approach you would take to placing an advertisement on a billboard and a piece of PR in a newspaper are entirely different. You are […]

Coronavirus: As Communicators What Have We Learnt?

By Deb Sharratt. A group of 25 PR industry leaders from the North East came together last week at the CIPR North East Strategic Communicators Forum to discuss and debate what we have learnt during the pandemic so far, share good ideas, consider how to enhance the value of communications to our organisations, and our region.  […]

Can Covid-19 provide opportunities to change stakeholder relationships for good?

By Paul Williams, Head of Production and Planning, Speak Media. When the coronavirus crisis hit the UK in March, businesses faced the immediate challenge of making sure that their content output was relevant to a strange and unsettling new landscape. Could there be lasting implications for how companies communicate with their stakeholders? In a recent […]