Make your CIPR Membership work for you

By Naomi MG Smith. Like many of you reading this blog, I am proud to be a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). I’ve been working full time in PR since 2018 and a member of the CIPR since late 2019. Having reflected on my journey, I want to share my experience […]

How diversity improves creativity

By Natalie Wright, for Alive with Ideas. We all know that diversity in the workplace is a great thing, but did you know that it is also proven to be better for creativity? Before we dive into the science, let’s clarify what we mean by diversity. Diversity includes demographics such as age, sex and race and in […]

What Makes A Good Public Affairs Consultant?

What are the skills needed to make a good public affairs consultant, whether they work for an agency or in-house? And how can we use this to think about how we can all improve? It is very easy to think about public affairs as being focused on political engagement. That may be the main aspect […]

Writing is a process, not a task

By Gemma Storey. I’ve come to realise that writing – whether it be a book, an article or a short blog post – is a process beyond getting that first draft on the page. I used to think of it more like a task – I’d think of the time it took to write the first […]

Being Called Out By Ministers

There is nothing worse for any organisation than being called out a Government Minister. It inflicts reputational damage, risks networks and relationships, and comes with the hint of future action. But how can we minimise the chance of it happening and how should we react if it does? There are several pressures that politicians react […]

From CO to CEO: North East Strategic Communications Forum

By Huw Lewis Chart.PR, Customer Services Director, Nexus. The skills and qualities we learn in the PR industry equip communications professionals for a career in the board room. Rather than feeling out of place or second-best at the executive table, we should recognise how our experience and insight adds value far beyond our own fields, […]

Social Media’s Key Role in Vaccine Uptake

By Hayley Coleby. As the coronavirus crisis continued and the UK Government’s historic vaccination programme took shape, concerns were raised around the vaccine uptake among younger generations. With the significant influence of social media over millennials, platforms such as, Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok and YouTube showed a united front by building confidence in the vaccine, tackling […]

When the media is gone, what’s your plan B?

You may know the PESO model, but do you use the O element? Whoever is in charge of bringing more media investments to Dubai, may luck be on their side. It’s drier out there than a summer spent in the Sahara. The media is suffering. I’ve had some brilliant journalists approach me recently asking about […]

What startups need to know about internal communication

When a new organisation is formed, it often starts small. The company is known as a startup and it’s in its first stage of operations. Over time, Founders or Owners hire people around them and start to expand. Teams are recruited, services grow and processes and systems are created. However, there’s a point in the […]

Buying out your business partner

By Hector Freyne, trainee solicitor, Goodman Derrick LLP. The pandemic has afforded most of us time to stop and ask ourselves what we really want from our career going forward. Is now the time to shake things up and go in a different direction? Has the agency you set up run its course, is it […]