What Charites Need To Learn From The Actions Of Extinction Rebellion (And Others)

The ongoing action by Extinction Rebellion in London highlights the critical decisions that organisations – corporates, charities, religious, and public sector – need to take regarding their reputations. It isn’t just about what the media (and, beyond them, the public) might think. They need to consider activist groups as well. Activist actions  Extinction Rebellion recently […]

Have your say on line manager communication

What’s your view on line manager communication in your organisation? How do you train your people managers so they can communicate effectively? What are your biggest challenges or opportunities when it comes to line manager communication? If you have a view, and I’m sure you do, please get involved in a new piece of research. […]

Engaging with the European Union after Brexit?

There are untapped benefits to be discovered so it is good to find out more – especially during uncertain times. By Angele Giuliano, MD, AcrossLimits. The EU will not come to you. It is up to you to reach out to them! If your clients or management are complaining about income or slow development (isn’t everyone?), […]

Pandemic intensifies Parliament’s reliance on social media

By Mario Creatura, head of digital, DGA Interel UK. The pandemic has irrevocably changed the way we go about our daily lives. From reticent employers forced to embrace flexible working and remote appointments at doctors surgeries, to Zoom school lessons and augmented reality games with the family, technology has proven to be pivotal in allowing […]

How to improve accessibility in communications

By Lucy Beldon, head of planning and performance at CDS. Communication underpins everything we do as a society. Therefore, isn’t it right that everyone has a fair chance of understanding the messages which are presented to them? Whether it’s public sector directives or consumer interactions, accessibility and inclusion should form a core component of any […]

From Swipe-ups to Stickers: Instagram’s newest update

With Instagram announcing that it is ditching the ‘swipe-up’ link in Instagram stories in favour of clickable stickers, here’s what the change means for brands. By Shauna Madden, Head of Social & Paid Media at Ilk. Since August 30th, Instagram has been rolling out the retirement of the tried-and-tested swipe-up link and replacing it with […]

How can we limit our exposure to social media negativity?

By Gemma Storey. Did you know that doomscrolling was in the dictionary now? It makes sense. In the early part of the pandemic, even the most sensible people I know were doing things like leaving the Guardian Live page of COVID doom open and frantically checking on it the second the browser tab reads [1] or […]

Think thought leadership is just for big businesses… think again

By Fiona Broomfield, Director at Allott and Associates. In all industries right now, businesses are really feeling the pressure to stand out from the crowd. What’s also apparent is that start-ups and SMEs can feel their B2B marketing efforts are being dwarfed by their bigger peers or competitors. Thought leadership is one area of B2B […]

The Love Island influencer world is a women’s game

By Hayley Coleby, Associate Director and Head of Social at The PHA Group. With only a week left of the current Love Island series, we’ve seen the drama unfold, along with all the memes on social media, and now we’re ready to see our winners. However, when the villa is a distant memory, who is going […]

Snappy tips for the perfect PR shot 

By Keith Freeburn, Freelance Photographer. In the lead up to World Photography Day on 19 August, I want to reflect on my role as a PR Photographer. In more than thirty years of experience in PR photography, I have learnt a good PR photo requires more than simply picking up a phone camera and taking […]