National Archives start storing government social media output

A very sensible move: From today The National Archives will begin to archive tweets and You Tube videos published by UK central government departments from their official Twitter and YouTube social media platforms. This marks the culmination of a complex technical project to capture social media into the UK Government Web Archive and permanently preserve […]

How to be a millionaire. Yes, seriously!

I’d like to share what I believe to be the easiest way, for a small business owner to make a million (pounds, dollars, euros etc). How to make a million Mathematically, there are lots of ways to achieve your million. Here are three, starting with the worst, and, finishing with, what I believe, is the […]

You need to add your content at the weekend – whoops…!

When is the best day to blog? What time of day should I add content to my website? How often should I write articles? These are the kind of questions that many website owners ask because they want to be sure they engage the highest number of people possible. Many “experts” suggest things like “you […]

Authors of Return on a Share Report do not really value sharing

A new research report from ShareThis, the Paley Center for Media, and Beresford Research calculates dollar value and influence of sharing on purchase decisions. Interestingly, it shows something many of us have been saying for years: Online sharing is nearly equivalent to in-person recommendations. You can download the complete infographic from which the image on […]

Putting wearable tech in the business context

A quick search on Google for the term “wearable technology” will produce some 162,000 results, about what you might expect for two very broad key words on such a topic. The focus of course is very much a consumer one, where there is plenty to find about products like Google Glass, fitness bands, smartwatches, wearable […]

How brands mess up managing culture in marketing

Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, hundreds of millions of consumers around the world cross national borders without a second thought – and often without realising that they’ve done anything unusual.  This community scours the web for the ideas, products and relationships that they might not be able to find easily – if […]

Blogging for beginners: choosing a topic and a name for a blog

There’s been a great response to Caroline O’Doherty’s blogging project. Caroline asked me for recommendations for sources of information to help her kickstart a blog. We agreed that it would make a great topic for a series of blog posts. It turns out that it’s a topic that lots of people are keen to explore. […]

Paying to play on social media

With many brands now being forced to pay for the pleasure of plying their wares on social media channels, Dom Burch from Asda explores the intersection between traditional PR and native advertising. Of the dozen or so predictions that caught my eye at the start of the year, one stood out as being a pivotal […]