Enterprise social networks and assimilation – resistance is futile

Enterprise social networking is perfectly suited for the so-called onboarding process. I say so-called because no dictionary I have lists the word, which is sort of at odds with the fact that they do list the rather unlovely deplane. But I digress. I heard this same claim from Jive, SAP (Jam) and IBM (Connections) at […]

ELECT SOCIAL: your handy cut-and-paste social media purdah guidelines

There’s this funny period in the run-up to an election which sees local government comms team change behaviour. Gone are the press releases from politicians and in comes quotes from officers. Why? To ensure that the council cannot be accused of political bias in the run up to polling day. It’s been around for decades […]

Informed employee voice and advocacy

All organisations would love their employees to post positive comments about them on social media; this is good for their reputation. It is especially important in an era of flat lining trust in CEOs, as reported in the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer. However, just as pursuing happiness is not likely to lead to happiness, pursuing […]

The real PR professionals are stepping forward

Emma Jacobs writing in the Financial Times this week dismissed public relations practitioners as gatekeepers to the media and called for organisations to communicate directly with journalists. If public relations practitioners do little more than act as a switchboard for the media then Ms Jacobs is right, they should get out of the way. But […]

The Chartered PR Practitioner Q&A: Matt Appleby on the rebirth of public relations

One of my commitments as CIPR President was to promote the value of learning and development as a foundation for professionalism. Throughout the year I’m going to blog interviews with practitioners that have achieved Chartered PR Practitioner status to understand their motivation and perspective on the profession. The Chartered Practitioner qualification is pitched by the CIPR as […]

IBM report spotlights shift to the social and digital organization

The narrative of public relations, marketing and sales over the last five years is a shift to using new forms of media and devices to engage with customers and prospects in a two-way relationship.  This is the move to so-called open business, or social business, where customers and prospects are no longer viewed as external […]

How many books are there about not becoming a leader?

I’ve just started reading Kevin Murray’s latest book about inspiring leadership.  I bought it after hearing him at a joint CIPD/IABC conference on the subject. Kevin has some really interesting things to say to would-be leaders. But it strikes me that there are few books devoted to the people who don’t want to be the top leader.  […]

Employee advocacy – rather uncomfortable and somewhat forced

I described the relatively recent concept of employee advocacy in my last post as “rather uncomfortable and somewhat forced”, and I’ve been asked to qualify this description. Firstly, it’s worth stating the obvious – the aspiration that employees might advocate the employer is hardly a new idea. But this relatively new desire to go about […]

How to get people marketing your business for free

That headline isn’t a play on words. I’m going to show you how to motivate people to market your business for free. Allow me to explain. When we exceed expectations, something amazing happens. Our product or service starts to market itself. Spreading the word I recently bought a new MacBook Air. Apple promised “up to […]