How to get line managers to love the manager toolkit

There’s a common exclamation we often hear from our fellow internal communicators whenever the subject of line manager communication rears its head; “I’ve crafted this beautiful manager toolkit with great content to help my leaders communicate our latest change programme to staff – but none of them ever use it!” It’s a bit like that […]

Making healthcare personal

Recently, I wrote a post about Dr. Kate Burke, an emergency physician who uses video in her practice, shooting clips for patients at the end of an emergency room visit explaining the treatment and what to do upon getting home. That post about the great work Kate is doing to educate patients and their families […]

Happy birthday Twitter. Why do we tweet?

Twitter is eight tomorrow. Its my favourite form of social media because it is, ad products aside, truly democratic and social. In the last week or so I asked my network to share favourite moments from Twitter in recent years, and reasons for tweeting. I should have known that the response would be enthusiastic and […]

This is a marketing message. Seriously. It is!

Photo: Alice Lim In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to make your marketing so attractive, that people would miss it if it wasn’t there. Think about it: Most of the marketing messages we receive are unwelcome. At best, they are seen as the price we pay, so we can watch that YouTube […]

SXSW wrap: seven trends for consumers and brands

SXSW, the annual music, film and interactive conference and festival, took place in Austin, Texas from 7 to 16 March. Ketchum and Zócalo had 40 people on the ground, reporting back all of the information that everyone needed to know. Here are the key trends for consumers and brands that we spotted during the event. #1 What […]

Is procurement killing creativity?

I have been working in public relations for more than 16 years and although I love my job, and the industry finally seems to be adapting to the modern world, one thing that never seems to get better is the formality, bureaucracy and procurement processes that in my opinion stifle the creative sectors in this […]

Politics used to make nudity interesting

Indian model Meghna Patel has posed almost completely nude for some political adverts supporting Narendra Modi in the upcoming Indian elections. The official Modi campaign, despite the images going immediately viral, have quickly distanced themselves from the stunt saying that they “are not in support of such vulgar displays”. It seems Patel, the Indian equivalent of a […]

Social capital – the lifeblood of public relations

Social capital is the lifeblood of public relations with our ability to interact with others, build relationships, and develop a shared understanding at the heart of what we do. Always has been and always will be. Every new practitioner who enters the occupation, brings with them their existing connections and they rapidly learn the importance […]

4 secrets of writing for online audiences

CIPR Conversation exclusive from Colin Kelly. Colin is a trainer on the CIPR’s Writing for Online Audiences and the best-selling Writing Better Press Releases and Selling-in your Stories workshops. Writing something that’s going to appear online requires a different approach and some different skills compared to something you’d write for a traditional print audience. For starters, online content […]

£184m: the actual impact of staff turnover on the media industry

CIPR Conversation exclusive on the cost of brain drain in PR and media industry from Marco Forato, CMO of Unum. The PR and media industry has a big problem: high staff turnover is still widespread throughout the industry across all levels. It is fairly common for PRs to see themselves as ‘careerists’, and to stay […]