Northern Correspondent launches “New Yorker for Newcastle”

The future of print like the future of the media remains a work in progress. News and magazine print competes for our attention alongside other forms of owned and social media. This is a story that will continue to be played out over my lifetime. When the history of print is eventually written the northern […]

Doing the triple loop – profound leadership

Drucker Peter F. Drucker asserted: “What’s measured improves.” I’m a sucker for measurement and organizational learning as you can see from the posts tagged as such here – perhaps it’s something to do with my engineering training. I advocate tapping extant business performance management process to effect the evolution towards social business (on this blog, […]

With Nomad, you’ll always find juice

The bane of contemporary mobile life is your smartphone running out of juice sooner than you expect (what many would undoubtedly see as a classic ‘First World problem‘). It usually happens to me at a conference or other event when I’m using my device a lot for tweets and pics and sharing them online, and […]

Graduating thoughts

Due to finish my degree in Public Relations at the end of this term has recently got me thinking about the daunting task ahead of me of finding a job within the industry. As a student that didn’t do a placement year, this has undoubtedly at times made me even more worried about my strengths […]

Imagine what the Bank of England could have done with its QR code ad

A quarter-page ad by the Bank of England in yesterday’s Telegraph caught my eye primarily because it contained a QR code. The print ad informs you that the £50 note featuring an engraved portrait of Sir John Houblon on the reverse side will be withdrawn from circulation at the end of April. The ad also […]

Hacking workflow with Google Docs

Google has a suite of web-based applications for office tasks such a finance and writing. The so-called Google Drive apps are stripped down to the most common functions that you need from a spreadsheet or word processor. The presentation app is a bit basic but I’d wholeheartedly recommend all the others, in particular a forms […]

Enterprise social networks and assimilation – resistance is futile

Enterprise social networking is perfectly suited for the so-called onboarding process. I say so-called because no dictionary I have lists the word, which is sort of at odds with the fact that they do list the rather unlovely deplane. But I digress. I heard this same claim from Jive, SAP (Jam) and IBM (Connections) at […]

ELECT SOCIAL: your handy cut-and-paste social media purdah guidelines

There’s this funny period in the run-up to an election which sees local government comms team change behaviour. Gone are the press releases from politicians and in comes quotes from officers. Why? To ensure that the council cannot be accused of political bias in the run up to polling day. It’s been around for decades […]

Informed employee voice and advocacy

All organisations would love their employees to post positive comments about them on social media; this is good for their reputation. It is especially important in an era of flat lining trust in CEOs, as reported in the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer. However, just as pursuing happiness is not likely to lead to happiness, pursuing […]