Adverity CMO, Harriet Durnford-Smith   Q1 is when global awards deadlines loom. Yet, it’s no surprise that many integrated marcomms professionals are frantically negotiating late entry fees or passing on entering due to a lack of insights to make a compelling award entry. An independent research report commissioned by Adverity, released just before Christmas, surveyed […]

Recovery not ‘freedom day’

It was inevitable that at some point we would get to this position. A point where the Government are trying to move from the pandemic crisis into recovery and the much-heralded ‘return to normal’. We all remember those times when we would just go out and meet friends, do the daily commute to the office, […]

More ‘And’ and Less ‘But’

Successful public affairs is about offering solutions rather than just presenting insolvable problems. That means we must find ways of keeping the conversations going. That means using more ‘ands’ and less ‘buts’. To develop a relationship with a stakeholder requires time and effort and it also requires a constructive approach. Pressure can be applied internally […]

7 Lessons in Leadership (that I stole from other people)

Written by Antony Cousins, Chief Executive Officer at Factmata I just turned 41 and somebody who shall remain anonymous got me this mug as a gift. I don’t know if I’m a good boss or not but I do know that if I don’t totally suck at it, it’s because I’ve had the privilege of […]

How to Maximise Your LinkedIn Activity in 2022

By Limegreen social media expert, Holly Copson To this day, LinkedIn remains the number one B2B social network in the world. Free from facing competition from the likes of Instagram and TikTok, LinkedIn is a goldmine of opportunity for B2B businesses. At last count, LinkedIn had nearly 800m members worldwide (and is reportedly growing at […]

Can PR do anything for the image of NFTs?

By Gemma Storey, Carrot Comms. Working in PR can be a strange place to be at the best of times, but when you’re looking at an issue like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it can get positively surreal. On the one hand, some in the tech industry are excited about the potential of NFTs. Then you fire […]

Why public relations must address its ageism problem

by Martin Flegg. Martin has worked in communication roles for over 20 years and specialises in Internal Communication, Change Communication and Employee Engagement. Finding and getting a job in internal communication that is right for you is already tough enough. We absolutely don’t need ageism to compound that further. Those of us who work in […]

Why your brand matters in the face of a skills shortage

By Andrew Marsden – veteran marketing director, business strategy consultant, serial non-executive and prospective Sheriff of the City of London.   Have you heard? There’s a skills shortage. From hospitality to civil engineering, scientific research to medicine, finance, IT and more, across the board, we are short on talent. So, how can companies make sure […]

The Road Ahead: Challenges and opportunities for campaigners

Written by Muireann Montague is Senior Campaigns Officer at NCVO Each year, NCVO produces the Road Ahead, an analysis of the biggest trends, challenges and opportunities that will impact charities and volunteering over the next year. Among these are a number of key issues to bear in mind for those involved in campaigning, communications, PR […]