Vulnerability and Resilience During COVID – A Lesson for Businesses in 2020

By Emma Duke, Head of Communications, Oxford Education at Oxford University Press. “As a Type 1 diabetic you are classed as vulnerable but not shielding” my consultant said. Hm. When you think of those words in isolation, taken out of context, they’re pretty scary. I’m more vulnerable to the risks of Covid-19, but not judged risky enough […]

The Success Rate of Influencer Marketing Means it’s Time to Rethink Target Markets

By Alec Harden-Henry, Commercial Director, Influence Network. You don’t have to go that far to find examples of brands successfully targeting demographics that would historically have been thought atypical. Nintendo targeting a games console at families. The NFL launching a $10m campaign towards their female viewers. Apple discovering, and embracing, the fact that their biggest spenders […]

Six months on… agency life amidst lockdown learnings

Tomorrow marks exactly six calendar months since the UK found itself plunged into COVID-19 lockdown. It’s been a rollercoaster of highs and lows for businesses in every sector, but ‘black swans’, paused retainers and crisis comms are just some of the curveballs agencies have found themselves tackling since March 16th. Here, agency founder Katie Mallinson, […]

Closing the Gap between data and creativity in brand marketing

By Stefan Britton, Commercial Director, Datasine. At Datasine we recently hosted a roundtable where leading marketing professionals discussed the gap between data and creativity in marketing. While data is largely about bringing structure, meaning and segmentation, marketing is still a highly creative discipline. As these two worlds collide, how can we bring these seemingly polar […]

Where Is The Local Consultation? The Planning White Paper

Communities should be at the heart of new developments. The recently published Planning White Paper suggests some radical changes to the planning system. But engagement and consultation looks likely to change as well and local authorities could well find themselves in the firing line. The paper sets out the government’s aims for a new planning […]

It’s time to merge internal and external communications teams

By Bea Buckley. As professional communicators we all have to be agile; there’s nothing like a beautifully colour-coordinated plan being thrown out the window when a crisis or simply a change in direction comes along. But I believe it’s time for our agility to go further – we should be able to work in both […]

How will corporate content change in a post-Covid world?

By George Theohari, Head of Content, Speak Media. As businesses reposition themselves as in the aftermath of lockdown, new stakeholder attitudes, combined with financial and organisational challenges, suggest corporate comms teams need to be prepared to navigate a very different future. In a recent survey conducted by Speak Media in partnership with the Public Relations […]

PR Measurement in the Age of ‘Digital First’

By Bogdan Marinescu, MD and founder, Digital Trails. How do you measure the results of a PR campaign? This is an age-old question PR professionals and agencies have been debating over for the last few decades. A quick search using a keyword tool will show you that it is still today a burning issue, with […]

The Oatly Twitter furore forgets silent majority

By Simon Lucey, founder, Hype Collective. PR Twitter lost it’s shit over Oatly last week. The alternative milk brand received a $200 million investment from Blackstone, a controversial private equity firm – and major Republican Party donor. Blackstone have also been accused of indirectly contributing to the deforestation of the Amazon through financial links to […]

Time for events to retool and build back better

By Joe Taylor, director at evensix. Not only has the Covid-19 pandemic affected our economy, health and personal lives, it has also and continues to, fundamentally challenge the way brands market themselves, particularly in the form of events, conferences and exhibitions. Research by Eventsforce in April 2020 found that 72% of 2020 events were cancelled or […]