Five Ways To Spot A Lobbying Campaign

Open a newspaper or scroll through social media and you can’t help but fall over a story, thread or post that is really aimed at lobbying the Government. But how can you tell? What are the tell-tale signs? And what could you learn from it? A Recent example The fall-out from the recent, short-lived European […]

Ethics – The importance of context when communicating internationally

By Crispin Thorold. One of the most visited sights at United Nations Headquarters is a striking Norman Rockwell mosaic, which depicts the humanity, internationalism, and ethical foundations of the organisation. The piece is both a celebration of the diversity of humankind and a call for us all to abide by the ‘Golden Rule’ which runs […]

Pot Black PR

By James Knight. Mention the name of Barry Hearn to sports fans and they will associate his name with snooker, a man who has brought slick PR and marketing into our rooms and online. He turned the Crucible in Sheffield into an institution and brought a sport back from the dead. The sport is over […]

PRFest 2021 – looking to the future

Many years ago, I ran a CIPR Scotland conference when I was Group Chair, called Future PRoof. We wanted to look at the future and how we could work to identify (then) what we needed to do to be a sustainable industry and remain relevant as practitioners. Fast forward around 10 years, and we’re having […]

Think the unthinkable

Dealing with a pandemic was always going to be one of the biggest tests any organisation or any individuals will have to face. Learning from the experiences we have been through is vital to ensure that we build resilience and increase readiness for future crises. The National Audit Office’s report published today (Initial learning from […]

What the UK’s exam grade results fiasco tells us about AI and algorithmic transparency

The UK government’s use of algorithms to grade student exam results resulted in students taking to the streets and generated swathes of negative media coverage. Many grades were seen as unfair, even arbitrary. Others argue the algorithms and grades were a reflection of a broken educational system. The government would do well to understand the root causes […]

What Does Business Think About The Way Government Engages?

In March and April 2021, the Whitehall and Industry Group (WIG) asked more than 50 large private sector organisations about public-private sector collaboration, Net Zero and Covid-19. The responses showed that whilst there is much to welcome, much more remains to be achieved. The respondents to the survey worked within the government affairs function for […]

Hybrid working is the new employment currency

By Ashley Carr, Managing Director and Founder of Neo PR. Gone are the days that traditional perks in the workplace; 28 days holiday, paid sick days, dress down Friday and bake sales, reign supreme. Now, both existing staff and prospective employees want more from their role and company culture. With the pandemic accelerating the ‘work […]

How to support employees through the menopause

How does your organisation support employees who are experiencing the menopause? Do you have a menopause policy in place? Hot on the heels of a powerful documentary here in the UK, hosted by Davina McCall, I thought I’d collate resources for Comms pros. This article includes links to advice and guidance and menopause policy examples. […]

Badgers: why I became a mentor

By Pamela Mounter. The conversation went like this: ‘Now we have to find a home for the badgers. ‘Badgers? I thought it was great crested newts.’ ‘Oh that’s sorted. We’ve located a potential new home for them, got the landowner’s permission to turn it into a nature reserve, got the environment people and the local […]