Virtual wins, inter-agency collaboration and new property plans

By Stephen Knight, CEO and founder, Pimento, It’s almost impossible to make it through a day without a discussion around the ‘new normal’ and how adaptability is going to be crucial for business continuity in these unprecedented times. But, as the concept of a ‘hybrid office’ is increasingly finding itself embedded in industry semantics, there […]

A Short Guide To Modern Political Communications

You cannot scroll through Twitter or LinkedIn without coming across a post expressing clear views on government communications. They are either the worst we have ever witnessed or brilliant despite the obvious challenges of Covid-19.  But we need to remember that politics sits behind all these communications. It is also important to remember that the […]

Ethics in a cross-cultural context: A PR Q&A

Yadi Cao, a Newcastle student from China, and I were put together following a Twitter exchange with Jenni Field, CIPR’s President. Yadi is writing a dissertation and was looking for some input on ethics and PR. As I had chaired the CIPR’s Professional Practices Committee for several years and occasionally give guest lectures on ethics, it […]

AI is ticking time bomb for PR’s reputation

PR’s reputation is ticking if it cannot get a handle on AI ethics and advise on AI builds and deployments. By Kerry Sheehan Chart.PR; FCIPR; AIinPR Chair. PR is in a dangerous place if it doesn’t take AI ethics seriously, advising on AI builds and deployments. Recently we have seen the UK exams algorithm court […]

It is always about ethics – even with AI

By Jean Valin and Anne Gregory. As corporations are becoming more digital, data-driven and agile in response to stakeholder expectations and the corona virus pandemic, more focus is being placed on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in organisational systems, ways of working and decision-making. In the world of communication, sophisticated technology, from content management […]

The Age Of Inquiry

As life starts to get back to usual, there will be a clear end to the idea that politics has not played a role during Covid-19. The ‘new normal’ of politics will be represented by a significant period of reflection and inquiries. What should you do to prepare? The Government has been keen throughout this […]

Building media relationships, virtually

By Luke Budka, head of digital PR and SEO, TopLine Comms. A lot of us are still stuck at home. Without the opportunity to meet media contacts in person, we’ve had to be a little more creative in our ongoing mission to remind them we’re an agency that really works hard at supplying interesting emotive stories, not […]

Can you beat an algorithm?

For several weeks now, I have been blocked by Instagram. I can post images, but I cannot add a caption. Nor can I comment on any other person’s post. Plus I cannot “like” any photos I see. According to Instagram, I am a “potential spammer”, and therefore my account permissions have been reduced until I […]

Going back to business fundamentals

By Ben Judah, account director, The PR Office. As a young adult, I spent many, many hours getting punched in the face. I wasn’t living in a rough area or doing anything particularly untoward – but I did find a passion in martial arts, in particular Krav Maga. I enjoyed training multiple days a week […]

Google pits YouTubers against trad media in Australia

Google Australia is pitting YouTubers against traditional media in reaction to new draft news media bargaining code law. Taking to the Google Australia blog earlier this week Gautam Anand, Head of YouTube APAC posted: “I’m writing today to make you aware of a proposed new law, known as the News Media Bargaining Code, that could have […]