What impact will Facebook’s targeting update have on the third sector?

By Hayley Coleby, Associate Director and Head of Social at The PHA Group. Last month, Facebook announced that it is removing certain ad targeting options on its platform. As part of this change, advertisers are no longer able to target “topics people perceive as sensitive” – which includes referencing health causes, sexual orientation, religious practices […]

The sporting landscape in a post pandemic world

By Daniel Apostolos, sports account director at The PHA Group. Whether it’s individual athletes, teams, leagues, promotions or brands, the sports industry has been forced to adapt and change over the last 18 months, with many of the innovations we have seen fast-tracked as a result of the pandemic set to stay for the long […]

Moving into testing times

It was just a matter of time before there was a tightening of restrictions due to the Omicron variant. What I don’t think anyone expected was to see Plan B introduced at a time when trust and confidence in the Government has taken such a significant hit. Watching the press conference tonight it was clear […]

Five Public Affairs Trends For 2022

As 2021 comes to an end, we can start to think about what to expect in 2022 across our public affairs activity. There will be challenges that we need to think about now. Of course, many of the challenges we need to think about will be jurisdiction specific – elections, by-elections, a Queen’s Speech (or […]

Behaviour change comms

As we move into yet another stage of the pandemic behaviour change has become the holy grail in public health communications. But as Tony Soprano found out on his many visits to therapy behaviour change is hard – even when you’re starting with yourself. For our latest North East comms network, the fantastic Dominic Ridley-Moy […]

Meta, TikTok and in-app shopping: What does 2022 hold for influencer marketing?

By Jim Meadows, chief strategy officer at TAKUMI. Almost two years ago, the first COVID-19 case emerged. It’s been a long road since then, and despite a returning feeling of normality, there’s a way left to go before we can truly declare this crisis over. That said, after 18-months, the era of pandemic consumer behaviour […]

What Twitter’s CEO wrote to employees in his resignation letter

A CEO’s internal communication often sets the standard for the way a company communicates. This week Twitter’s Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced his intention to leave the company, by, you guessed it, Tweeting. In his Tweet, he shared an email he sent to Twitter’s employees today (0 minutes ago according to the timestamp, which […]

Capital, Carbon, and Comms

By Narda Shirley, co-founder, Wilful. Post COP26, what has changed for us as communications professionals? How does Article 6 – one of the summit’s main agreements – affect how we engage stakeholders in our action on climate change? Are we entering a new phase in which how we choose to offset the greenhouse gas emissions […]