Using Instagram for Social Commerce Success

By Zarnaz Arlia, CMO at Emplifi.  Instagram recently rolled out a new advertising opportunity: it launched ads in Instagram Shop. The new ad placement is the most recent addition in a long line of e-commerce capabilities introduced by the app and a prime example of how Instagram is leaning heavily into social commerce. These moves […]

The six-step email sequence every savvy marketer should know

By Adam Oldfield, CEO, Force24. Every single day over 300 billion emails are sent by brands to customers and prospects throughout the globe – with the sole intention of grabbing a few seconds of their attention and encouraging engagement. However, there’s no question that this is a vast amount of online noise for any marketer to […]

Thank You for Helping us to Help You

By Tony Bradley, chair of the CIPR benevolent fund, iprovision. It’s that time of the year when iprovision publishes its annual report and accounts. Like many organisations, particularly registered charities, our report has to follow certain formats and guidelines. It can serve to make the report quite dull. I’ve added a statement from the chairman […]

Making A First Impression In Public Affairs

The initial contact with any stakeholder is critical and it can come in many different forms. However it happens, you need to prepare for making a good first impression. Otherwise, you risk failing to develop a trusted relationship with them. The opportunity to make a first impression can come from a chance meeting or something […]

Undermining greenwashing – the vital role PR professionals play   

By Claire Benson, Co-Director, SDG Changemakers. In July Greenpeace wrote a piece calling out “dishonest green PR”, stating it “is on the rise”. ClimateBert, an AI platform, can now expose companies who selectively ‘cherry-pick’ climate risk information incorporated into climate financial disclosures. And you can see what they mean. Earlier this year, the International Consumer […]

COP26: Getting Closer to 1.5?

By Claire Barraclough, specialist in sustainability and corporate communications. Thank you Glasgow. COP26 in Glasgow has put climate at the absolute centre of the national and global consciousness and hard news. This is progress. The urgency to act on climate change is no longer debated. We have listened in more to those at the sharp end […]

How to communicate the end of 2021

Are you planning year-end internal communication activities? Are you being asked to mark the end of 2021 in an appropriate way? If so, you’re not alone. I can see from my blog stats you’re looking for advice and guidance to help you communicate. A 2017 article is proving particularly popular. It feels timely to update the […]

What Can Sewage Teach Us?

The Government U-turn on the Environment Bill about what water companies’ responsibilities are when it comes to dealing with sewage provides some valuable lessons for public affairs. The Guardian, and others, have been writing regularly on the issue but to summarise briefly, an amendment tabled in the Lords to the Bill, demanding that water companies […]

Hot Competition: How Social Media Giants are Evolving

By Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Chief of Strategy at Emplifi. Today, social media is ubiquitous. The platforms we have come to know allow billions of people to consume news, stay connected and, increasingly, interact with bands. And they are just as valuable from the brand’s point of view too. Social media, and the data it collects, are […]