Text for Humanity: Why B2B campaigns must have purpose at their core

By Satyen Dayal, Executive Director, Technology, Edelman London. I often look to Hollywood to see how studio creatives are interpreting the future potential of technology. One film that always captures my imagination is Chris Nolan’s Interstellar. In the opening scenes we see the lead, an astronaut turned farmer, capture a decommissioned surveillance drone. His plan? “give […]

Firms to bolster internal comms efforts even as Covid-19 budget cuts bite

By Paul Williams, Head of Planning and Production, Speak Media. Comms leaders need to refocus their teams’ work on internal audiences to deal with the critical post-Covid challenge of keeping colleagues connected and engaged, even if they are located remotely or anxious about the future. A survey conducted by our team at Speak Media, in partnership with the PRCA, reveals […]

Achilles Heal – furniture boss breaks golden rules of crisis comms

By Anthony Longden. What price reputation? In the case of Heal’s, the long-established Tottenham Court Road furniture store: £2,100. That was the price of a sofa purchased by ‘NL’, who emailed Daily Telegraph consumer champion Katie Morley after having had a protracted and highly unsatisfactory battle with the store. The tale of woe had all […]

The AI tool chasm in PR

A new CIPR #AIinPR project finds that AI tool vendors are not addressing the PR market. Tool adoption is almost entirely limited to automation tools. There is an important ongoing conversation in public relations about the speed of innovation, the adoption of tools and artificial intelligence, enabling people to work smarter or replacing roles. Technology […]

Reforming Government Communication… Again

A plan developed at the heart of the UK government to reform government communication – again – is raising a number of questions, with PR Week asking if the plan should be seen as a power grab, or as a means to rationalising management of government communication. As one of the plan’s architects and a […]

IC: The Secret Ingredient to a Thriving Post-COVID Business

By James Scott, CEO of Thrive. Internal communications (IC) teams haven’t always been given their due, but the events as of late have given them an opportunity to flex their muscles and demonstrate more than ever before their significance in the org chart. It’s not gone unnoticed by CEOs and other executives, who have been […]

Agency staffing is stuck in the 20th century

By Andy Turner. Staffing PR agencies has long been a headache for management. People costs are the single highest overhead. It’s a constant challenge to ensure you have the right teams, with the right skills, at the right time. Win or lose one client and you can easily find yourself with either too few or […]

Blend of PR and ecommerce is more important than ever

By Natasha Hill, MD of Bottle. After decades of debate about the tangible ROI of public relations; the ability for Digital PR to contribute to marketing objectives in a measurable way could be what insulates our channel in the midst of slashed marketing budgets. A recent study by Warc on the decline on marketing investment […]

The new public interest

By Jess Lovell, Partner at reputation law firm Slateford. As the world takes tentative steps back towards the office and parts of the working lives we had before, for those managing reputations understanding how the public interest has been changed by the pandemic is going to become essential to success. Valid public interest arguments in […]

Celebrating positive politics

A new annual Awards – set up by politics and communications professionals – announces its first winners today. By Carys Davis. As comms professionals, we know the importance of good communications. Communications that are simple, to the point and which do something – whether that’s to inform, influence, entertain… you know the list. Most of us […]