Catastrophic future predicted for tomorrow’s PR talent

Speak to anyone with responsibility for hiring into public relations and marketing roles and the words ‘skills crisis’ will likely feature at some point in the conversation. It is an ever-constant that transcends both boom and gloom times and one that is predicted to get even more severe in the next few years. That is […]

Social Media’s Key Role in Vaccine Uptake

By Hayley Coleby. As the coronavirus crisis continued and the UK Government’s historic vaccination programme took shape, concerns were raised around the vaccine uptake among younger generations. With the significant influence of social media over millennials, platforms such as, Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok and YouTube showed a united front by building confidence in the vaccine, tackling […]

The power of a (good) Awareness Day for your PR strategy

By Jamie Wilson, Lead Publisher at Bottle PR. In total there are over 1,500 awareness days recognised across the globe in a single year, according to These range from renowned heavyweights like Pride Month and Mental Health Week, to the more light-hearted like Gorgeous Grandma Day and British Sandwich Week. With so much going […]

Holding companies versus Independents: David versus Goliath redux? 

By Darryl Sparey (Chart.PR), MD Hard Numbers, and Co-founder of The Family. Like most people, I’ve had rather a lot of time on my hands over the course of the past 18 months. Being stuck at home through three national lockdowns, and being based in Bournemouth rather than Central London, has given me time to […]

The impact of Apple’s new data privacy update for brands

By Hayley Coleby, Head of Social at The PHA Group. Data privacy is an issue that is almost as old as the internet itself, but only recently has it become such a thorny subject. The issue was brought to the forefront of public debate in 2018, when Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign team was […]

Is fast food the next sports sponsorship category to be banned?

By Ben Peppi, Head of Sports Services, JMW Solicitors. ‘Beber água!’ Tuesday night saw Cristiano Ronaldo do his talking both on and off the pitch in a week which has raised two very pertinent topics within the sports sponsorship landscape. The power of sports stars as influencers and what this may mean for the future of […]

From CBE to Socially Mobile

Everyone can give back, even in the tiniest of ways. From being little, my Mum taught me that you don’t need to have much to help others.  In our house, that might have been giving someone a bed for the night or surrendering something to allow someone more in need to have it. It’s an […]

Change but not the same: Summer edition of Influence out now

The Summer 2021 edition of Influence is out now, featuring a very special cover designed by the winner of our ‘PR and Parenting in a Pandemic’ competition. Change management is an important part of the public relations skills set. That has certainly been put to the test over the past 12 months. All the changes we, as […]

Summer of sport: How Creators can influence the modern football audience

By Aimee Howells, Business Director at TAKUMI. Football is one of the nation’s most treasured sports – it’s fair to say that Euros 2020 has been a long time coming. The 2018 World Cup feels like a distant memory when the pubs and streets were filled with fans uniting over their love for the game […]

Getting chartered: A guide for young PR professionals

By Claire Simpson, Communications Consultant at Hard Numbers. Back in April I became a Chartered PR professional. It was a huge confidence boost and validation of my work. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a huge relief too. I’d taken a leap of faith by going for chartership early in my career. […]