Psychologists now the most sought-after experts by journalists

By Andy Barr, CEO of digital marketing agency 10yetis. Newsjacking is an integral skill for any digital PR agency, and more recently (in the last five years or so) has arguably drawn level with meticulously-planned campaigns in terms of its importance. Now, more so than ever, the news agenda is fickle and everchanging – as are […]

The Media, The Newswire, and The Fake Press Release

By Tricia Fox. It was only a matter of time after the explosion of that new phenomenon, fake news, that we were to get an uptick in the next best thing which is the fake press release. This week the media was buzzing with the news that cryptocurrency litecoin was going to be accepted as a payment […]

In Turbulent Times, PR In Brazil Must Educate As Well As Inform

By Patricia Zylberman, Senior PR Consultant, Sherlock Communications. The recent Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo proved a welcome distraction to the myriad pandemic and political problems prevalent here in Brazil. They also prompted me to wistfully reminisce about the last Games and how different everything seemed when Rio 2016 was in the spotlight. Back […]

What Charites Need To Learn From The Actions Of Extinction Rebellion (And Others)

The ongoing action by Extinction Rebellion in London highlights the critical decisions that organisations – corporates, charities, religious, and public sector – need to take regarding their reputations. It isn’t just about what the media (and, beyond them, the public) might think. They need to consider activist groups as well. Activist actions  Extinction Rebellion recently […]

How to improve accessibility in communications

By Lucy Beldon, head of planning and performance at CDS. Communication underpins everything we do as a society. Therefore, isn’t it right that everyone has a fair chance of understanding the messages which are presented to them? Whether it’s public sector directives or consumer interactions, accessibility and inclusion should form a core component of any […]

From Swipe-ups to Stickers: Instagram’s newest update

With Instagram announcing that it is ditching the ‘swipe-up’ link in Instagram stories in favour of clickable stickers, here’s what the change means for brands. By Shauna Madden, Head of Social & Paid Media at Ilk. Since August 30th, Instagram has been rolling out the retirement of the tried-and-tested swipe-up link and replacing it with […]

Why a narrative could save Facebook from its whack-a-mole apologies

By Simon Brooke. An Ugly Truth, a new book by New York Times journalists Siva Vaidhyanathan and Franklin Foer, paints a devastating picture of the way Facebook operates, based on interviews with hundreds of current and former employees. The book features a list of apologies and promises to do better made by Facebook over the years. […]

Reputation, Responsibility, Adaptibility: PR in a Pandemic

By Ben Verinder, MD, Chalkstream. Since 2018 my agency Chalkstream has had the privilege of working with the CIPR on the State of the Profession studies, and this year we managed the PR in a Pandemic research project for the Institute. More than 1400 practitioners contributed to the study and we produced a series of […]

Welcoming back Hanna – the shift to the delegate-curated event

By Christopher Bo Shields, Co-founder, Totem Hybrid Events. I’d like to introduce you to Hanna. Hanna is in her early thirties. She works in marketing, and has a senior job with a well-known financial services company. She used to commute to work every day. Her daily life was predictable, and she generally knew where she’d […]

Pandemic proves transparency not enough to close gender pay gap

By Sarah Leembruggen, MD, The Works Search. It’s no surprise that the pandemic has had a knock-on effect on salaries and bonuses for corporate communications professionals.  We expected it after seeing redundancies, professionals on furlough, hiring freezes and agency’s budgets being cut.  However, what I didn’t foresee is how much women have been affected financially […]