Capital, Carbon, and Comms

By Narda Shirley, co-founder, Wilful. Post COP26, what has changed for us as communications professionals? How does Article 6 – one of the summit’s main agreements – affect how we engage stakeholders in our action on climate change? Are we entering a new phase in which how we choose to offset the greenhouse gas emissions […]

The six-step email sequence every savvy marketer should know

By Adam Oldfield, CEO, Force24. Every single day over 300 billion emails are sent by brands to customers and prospects throughout the globe – with the sole intention of grabbing a few seconds of their attention and encouraging engagement. However, there’s no question that this is a vast amount of online noise for any marketer to […]

Hot Competition: How Social Media Giants are Evolving

By Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Chief of Strategy at Emplifi. Today, social media is ubiquitous. The platforms we have come to know allow billions of people to consume news, stay connected and, increasingly, interact with bands. And they are just as valuable from the brand’s point of view too. Social media, and the data it collects, are […]

Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Racism and How Not to Manage a Crisis

How Yorkshire County Cricket Club have turned an already unacceptable situation into a PR disaster that they may not recover from. By Peter Jackson Eastwood, senior account manager, The PHA Group. In a competitive field of sporting disasters in recent years, Yorkshire County Cricket Club might well have outdone the lot. It’s remarkable quite how […]

Seven crisis communications lessons from across Europe

By Tim Toulmin, managing director, Alder. I recently had the privilege of listening to a range of senior communications leaders from across Europe. My agency Alder is the UK affiliate of the Crisis Communications Network Europe, and our inaugural conference was a chance to share lessons and reflect on best practice. Here are seven things […]

What can we expect from COP26 and what can Glasgow expect from us?  

By Claire Barraclough. It is COP-eve – it’s been a long wait and expectations are high. All eyes are on Glasgow and the question is: can we now deliver action on the Net Zero commitments promised that the world needs to see? We’re living in a climate emergency. The number of days passing 50 degrees […]

With a billion users on TikTok, B2B needs to get on board

By Jennifer Brennan, Digital Strategist, Fox Agency. B2B is always looking for new and exciting ways to shake off its reputation as ‘boring to boring’ and with TikTok reaching a whopping billion active users, according to Market Watch, it’s high time that B2B brands joined the party. If you still think TikTok’s sole purpose is […]

Reputation Management in the Public Eye

By Neil McLeod, Director of Strategic Communications at The PHA Group. For many, it is difficult to glance at the front pages on newsstands without feeling a sense of doom and despair. Labour shortages are causing issues with supply chains, there are pictures of empty supermarket shelves, the cost of living is soaring, and the […]

Purpose-driven messaging: engaging the next generation

By Mia Claselius, Head of Communications for ABB Electrification. We live, work and play in an always-on environment immersed in continuous delivery of messages from digital channels and virtual interactions. Experienced in filtering out this noise, the next generation seek trust and purpose, meaningful relationships and true two-way dialogue. The next generation, Gen Z, has […]

Why every business needs a culture narrative that employees can own

By Cierra Dobson, Strategy Director, Rufus Leonard. As employers across nearly all sectors struggle to hire talent in 2021, taking an active role in defining and embedding a culture can help attract and retain the best talent. What do we mean by culture? Compared to strategy and leadership, culture is described as the more ‘elusive […]