Five ways communications professionals can support their transgender colleagues when they come out in the workplace

By Aby Hawker, TransMission PR As trans and non-binary people become increasingly visible and the language surrounding them enters the mainstream, more and more people are feeling comfortable enough to transition. With one percent of the population identifying as trans, there is a good chance that one of your colleagues may embark on the process […]

Three ways to re-purpose your content and grow your public sector LinkedIn page

Connor McLoughlin, Wokingham Borough Council. LinkedIn? Shouldn’t we give control to HR? That’s where people go to find a new job right?’  Sure, it can be used for recruitment, it’s where people go to talk about work after all. But LinkedIn is a legitimate news feed. And it’s one where we can adjust our messages to […]

Is it time to leave public sector communication?

Image provided by Aaron Thomas via Unsplash This is a difficult question to ask but is it time for people to consider moving out of the public sector into something else? I spent most of my career working in the public sector. It was where I felt I could contribute the most and hopefully make […]

When Is A Dead Cat Not A Dead Cat?

A ‘dead cat’ strategy is seen as a communication technique to help distract attention and avoid scrutiny. But some distractions are more effective than others. The strategy is most commonly associated with politicians facing a crisis and who want the electorate to focus on something else. Often anything else. There is no reason though why […]

What Twitter’s CEO wrote to employees in his resignation letter

A CEO’s internal communication often sets the standard for the way a company communicates. This week Twitter’s Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced his intention to leave the company, by, you guessed it, Tweeting. In his Tweet, he shared an email he sent to Twitter’s employees today (0 minutes ago according to the timestamp, which […]

Capital, Carbon, and Comms

By Narda Shirley, co-founder, Wilful. Post COP26, what has changed for us as communications professionals? How does Article 6 – one of the summit’s main agreements – affect how we engage stakeholders in our action on climate change? Are we entering a new phase in which how we choose to offset the greenhouse gas emissions […]

The six-step email sequence every savvy marketer should know

By Adam Oldfield, CEO, Force24. Every single day over 300 billion emails are sent by brands to customers and prospects throughout the globe – with the sole intention of grabbing a few seconds of their attention and encouraging engagement. However, there’s no question that this is a vast amount of online noise for any marketer to […]

Hot Competition: How Social Media Giants are Evolving

By Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Chief of Strategy at Emplifi. Today, social media is ubiquitous. The platforms we have come to know allow billions of people to consume news, stay connected and, increasingly, interact with bands. And they are just as valuable from the brand’s point of view too. Social media, and the data it collects, are […]