From Swipe-ups to Stickers: Instagram’s newest update

With Instagram announcing that it is ditching the ‘swipe-up’ link in Instagram stories in favour of clickable stickers, here’s what the change means for brands. By Shauna Madden, Head of Social & Paid Media at Ilk. Since August 30th, Instagram has been rolling out the retirement of the tried-and-tested swipe-up link and replacing it with […]

Why a narrative could save Facebook from its whack-a-mole apologies

By Simon Brooke. An Ugly Truth, a new book by New York Times journalists Siva Vaidhyanathan and Franklin Foer, paints a devastating picture of the way Facebook operates, based on interviews with hundreds of current and former employees. The book features a list of apologies and promises to do better made by Facebook over the years. […]

Reputation, Responsibility, Adaptibility: PR in a Pandemic

By Ben Verinder, MD, Chalkstream. Since 2018 my agency Chalkstream has had the privilege of working with the CIPR on the State of the Profession studies, and this year we managed the PR in a Pandemic research project for the Institute. More than 1400 practitioners contributed to the study and we produced a series of […]

Welcoming back Hanna – the shift to the delegate-curated event

By Christopher Bo Shields, Co-founder, Totem Hybrid Events. I’d like to introduce you to Hanna. Hanna is in her early thirties. She works in marketing, and has a senior job with a well-known financial services company. She used to commute to work every day. Her daily life was predictable, and she generally knew where she’d […]

Pandemic proves transparency not enough to close gender pay gap

By Sarah Leembruggen, MD, The Works Search. It’s no surprise that the pandemic has had a knock-on effect on salaries and bonuses for corporate communications professionals.  We expected it after seeing redundancies, professionals on furlough, hiring freezes and agency’s budgets being cut.  However, what I didn’t foresee is how much women have been affected financially […]

Closing the customer experience gap: Why Empathy is key

By Mark Zablan, CEO, Emplifi. The pandemic acted as a crash course in customer experience. Organisations have been forced to rethink every customer touchpoint and rebuild their customer journeys at record speed. According to a McKinsey survey, digital transformation initiatives were accelerated by three to four years, as companies were forced to activate new ways […]

Catastrophic future predicted for tomorrow’s PR talent

Speak to anyone with responsibility for hiring into public relations and marketing roles and the words ‘skills crisis’ will likely feature at some point in the conversation. It is an ever-constant that transcends both boom and gloom times and one that is predicted to get even more severe in the next few years. That is […]

Social Media’s Key Role in Vaccine Uptake

By Hayley Coleby. As the coronavirus crisis continued and the UK Government’s historic vaccination programme took shape, concerns were raised around the vaccine uptake among younger generations. With the significant influence of social media over millennials, platforms such as, Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok and YouTube showed a united front by building confidence in the vaccine, tackling […]

The power of a (good) Awareness Day for your PR strategy

By Jamie Wilson, Lead Publisher at Bottle PR. In total there are over 1,500 awareness days recognised across the globe in a single year, according to These range from renowned heavyweights like Pride Month and Mental Health Week, to the more light-hearted like Gorgeous Grandma Day and British Sandwich Week. With so much going […]

Holding companies versus Independents: David versus Goliath redux? 

By Darryl Sparey (Chart.PR), MD Hard Numbers, and Co-founder of The Family. Like most people, I’ve had rather a lot of time on my hands over the course of the past 18 months. Being stuck at home through three national lockdowns, and being based in Bournemouth rather than Central London, has given me time to […]