Why was North Korea ‘FunForLouis’?

As a YouTube star glorifies his trip to a dictatorship, social media networks are becoming ethical minefields for brands By Andrew Lowry In August last year, the British YouTube star FunForLouis went to North Korea. He had a lovely time, then uploaded a few videos of his larks around a few tourist traps. No harm […]

The power of messaging in politics

Consistent messaging is a vital component of any communications campaign, but in the overwhelming noise of a General Election this is never more true. Confronted with hundreds of conflicting opinions and statistics, political parties must find a cut-through to voters that will resonate with how they want their country to be led, but equally how […]

How will AI change PR and marketing?

By Lance Concannon Artificial Intelligence has been one of the hottest topics in technology over the past year. As computers grow more able to solve complex problems without human intervention, the promise is that they’ll automate a lot of work that could only previously be done be people. But what does this mean for the PR […]

Uber’s Very Bad Horrible String of Events

Uber is en route to a massive IPO. As the company gets closer to its destination, its once 5-star rating is rapidly diminishing. As a result, the company’s president, Jeff Jones, opened the Uber door and jumped out after only six months on the job. The list of recent offenses, not all incidents since its launch, […]

The end of the line for reputation

Reputation has long been a word that is closely linked to both PR and communication activity. Many industry definitions have been focused on protecting and enhancing reputation. But is that really where we should be and in 2017 what is the essence of communication? I was talking to a group of public sector communicators on […]

The power of positive messaging

Being a fat flubberwubber I’ve never been good at balls games, particularly squash and tennis. I’m always the player puffing sweatily up and down, frantically trying to field balls sent every which way by my smug opponent nonchalantly controlling the game from the centre of the court.  And of course I always lose. I recently […]

Communication and media response to the Westminster attack

Best practice communication was critical to allaying fear in the immediate response to the Westminster attacks but sensationalist media coverage needs to be challenged. Public relations students at Newcastle University are studying crisis communications this semester. They’ve had several sessions of theory. It’s my turn on Friday to share a real life case study. In […]

Should you stop advertising on Google?

Dozens of brands and leading advertisers have pulled their advertising from Google in an argument about how the search engine giant monitors its own systems. The major move away from Google follows an investigation by The Times newspaper which has revealed significant amounts of advertising from major global brands appearing on YouTube videos, amongst other […]

The post-truth world, the public sphere and public relations

Later this month I’ll be taking part in the European Communications Convention in Munich.  The somewhat ambiguous title for this gathering is ‘You (won’t) get far by lying’, and delegates from all over Europe will be discussing topics including fake news, cyber-criminality and ethical challenges At the heart of all these questions is the nature […]