Sometimes you need to shout out loud in public affairs

Shouting at politicians through the media is not always a wise move. But as Apple and Virgin have both recently shown, sometimes it can be a very useful part of a public affairs strategy. Tim Cook of Apple and Sir Richard Branson of Virgin have both used the media to complain about the actions of […]

No excuse for lousy measurement in public relations

AMEC’s Measurement Month takes place in September. You should get involved if you haven’t already. The return on investment (ROI) will be high. Proving a direct relationship between what you do and the outcomes that you achieve is the quickest way to justify investment. It’s the language of the boardroom. Unfortunately it may as well […]

Practical lessons in crisis comms from a toxic spill in Vietnam

By Charlie Pownall That thousands of people took to the streets across Vietnam early May 2016 to protest the contamination of hundreds of kilometres of Ha Thinh province coastline was the culmination of a catalogue of errors by the alleged culprit – a Formosa Plastics steel plant – and the Vietnamese authorities, that inadvertently turned […]

Science fiction, or science fact? The rise of the machines

For many years, we have accepted that robots play a big part in our lives. Not predominantly in the public eye, but as robotic technology has developed and become an integral part of the manufacturing industry, there are often news stories outlining how robots will revolutionise something or other. But has the time come when […]

How Reddit can make or break your website

After a decade in digital marketing, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “if only this could go viral.” Hell, I’ve probably said it myself a few times. It’s like this seemingly unattainable feat that’s sure to take your blog up to the next echelon. To make you legit. To make […]

Bees, butterflies and Brexit: charities and the EU referendum

The bitter debate over membership of the European Union is increasing in pace and fiery intensity as polling day draws near. It seems that everyone has an opinion – politicians of every stripe, FTSE 100 leaders, the chap who runs the deli round the corner. The list is endless. Up until now, however, charities have […]

Why we need diversity in communications

Earlier this month, the Government released its white paper on the future of the BBC. The need for the organisation to reflect the diversity of its audience within its programming was a key issue raised in the paper. While the salaries of its stars, the distinctiveness of its programmes and issues like the way it’s […]

The new rules of crisis communications

Poor behaviour, by an individual or an organisation, will always make for a good media story. It is all well and good putting a crisis plan together and media training senior executives, but they should only be considered to be the basic foundations. Expectations are changing. The media, in particular, are used to what organisations […]

Who wants to know how to craft a powerful headline?

Did you know that 80 per cent of people read a headline while only 20 per cent will read the rest? Advertising legend David Ogilvy agreed: On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. So crafting a powerful one is important. In this online world. If you take […]

HM The Queen – 10 Lessons in Leadership

To mark Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, Nottingham businesswoman Louise Third MBE, suggests that our businesses would flourish if we adopt just a few of Her Majesty’s leadership qualities. The Queen is a quite remarkable leader, and I decided to try to find out why. My shelves are packed with business and management books that get nowhere […]