Switch off to switch on: Why rest is essential for creativity

By Jessie Nicholls, This Sunday marks one of my favourite days of the year; when the clocks go back and everyone gets an extra hour in bed! But while you’re making the most of what has become known as National Sleep In Day, congratulate yourself because you’re actually carrying out a very important work task: rest. […]

Edelman’s Ethics Standards – Why Context and Oversight Matter

Richard Edelman’s suggestions for how to rebuild trust in public relations are welcome, but will they work in the emerging world? Richard Edelman, the head of the world’s largest independent PR firm, set forth his vision for how corporations and governments can rebuild public trust this week during a talk at the Washington DC-based National Press […]

Why 2017 is about media relations flex

When it comes to Media Relations strategy the current climate means you need to talk to clients about building a plan with serious ‘flex’. By Niki Wheeler, Director, Launch It takes agility to navigate a news agenda which must withstand a Presidential Twitter outburst, Brexit jostling, celebrity scandal or hard breaking news – and often […]

Theresa May at CPC17: When it rains in Manchester, it pours

APCO director, Leon Cook, looks back at a turbulent week at the Conservative Party Conference. As we descended on Manchester for the annual Conservative Party conference, a tremendous amount of speculation focused on two things; could the party membership forgive Number 10 for the surprising and disappointing election campaign; and would Prime Minister Theresa May […]

Employment culture: reputation dynamite

If you think HR and comms are separate functions, think again. By Gabrielle Lane The man who made Google Google-y It was a tale of two headlines. The first, ‘Google HR chief Laszlo Bock is leaving’, announced the departure of the tech giant’s senior vice president of people operations. The second, ‘One of the executives […]

7 pearls of wisdom from the Shell Newsroom

We were inundated with responses to our story about organisations taking a ‘newsroom’ approach to comms (Q4 2016). So we asked Kunal Dutta, chief editor of digital channels at Shell, to tell us how its Inside Energy newsroom works, captivating legions of readers By Kunal Dutta As Donald Trump inched closer to pulling out of […]

Should you fight back against politicians?

Many organisations seem afraid or in awe of politicians and government and what they can do. It is right that they hold many of the trump cards but it can be right to reply, maybe even forcefully. When should that happen? Government needs to be seen as all powerful. Without this, it would risk being […]

10 ways PR aids international expansion

It is well known to all of us by now that we have a very clear role to play in any business development, market expansion, mergers and acquisitions and even project management. However, what is perhaps less known is the important role we can (and should play) for our clients (and Government departments) who want […]

Can brands take the gamble out of personalised social media campaigns?

As The National Lottery dampens the flames of its hijacked social campaign, the big question is, is there a guaranteed way for brands to run safe personalised online campaigns? By Adam Hildreth Just like playing the lottery, the lure of the potential wins of personalised social media campaigns are too great for many brands to resist. […]