Robust Communication Is Here To Stay: Pay Attention To The New Realities

There is little doubt that communication has become more robust. This certainly helps to gain attention but is also a way to ensure that misinformation, or even ‘fake news’ is not allowed to go unchallenged. Whatever an organisation says or does may need to be defended. Organisations need to recognise this reality. Long form There […]

Will working from home damage brand culture?

By Lesley Gulliver, managing director of The Engine Room. Having spoken about the benefits of working from home for years – before always finding a reason why this simply wasn’t possible – personally, Covid-19 forced a behaviour change that was long overdue. And a quick scroll through social media feeds shows just how many people […]

How to plan PR campaigns in an uncertain and unpredictable world

By Anne Gregory, author of Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns.  ‘There’s no point in planning, things are just so fast-moving you have to just go with it these days.’ This is something I am hearing a lot right now. But it’s not true! The more uncertain things are, the more I need to have […]

Poor communications see WhatsApp users flock to privacy-focused rivals

In recent years a growing number of people have been turning their backs on Facebook. Whether due to an alleged lack of action on hate speech or over privacy concerns, over the past 12 months the exodus from Facebook’s core platform seems to have gained ground. However, while people are leaving Facebook – the app […]

We need more than PR

PR in and of itself will never ever be enough for us, its practitioners, to shine and be recognised for the value that we bring. Why? Because to properly promote, build, and protect an image, a reputation, a product, an initiative, or a process we need to understand not just all of these but, most […]

Love Island, test & trace and that £63,000

We now know the UK government spent £63,000 paying Love Island stars for their part in promoting the Test and Trace app. Was it money well spent? The Mirror newspaper was the first to report back in August that Love Island stars Shaughna Phillips, Chris Hughes and Josh Denzel were among those paid by the UK government […]

Exclusivity clauses: What are they and issues to consider before signing one

By Sinead O’Brien. An exclusivity clause is a restriction within a contract which prevents a party from entering into an arrangement with a third party. An example would be somebody selling their home giving exclusive rights of sale to one estate agent preventing the instruction of other estate agents to sell the same property. Another […]

The Consequences of ‘Gagging’ Trump

By Mario Creatura. Late on Wednesday evening Facebook chose to ban President Trump from their platform and Instagram indefinitely, but at least for the duration of his presidency. Twitter temporarily froze his account, but then took the more drastic decision of banning him permanently on Friday. Given his words directly led to the violence on […]

Boards – Consider a communications professional as your next CEO

By Mike Browne, director, How-Now. The pandemic has seen the value of communications as a strategic function become more recognised and its seat at the top table acknowledged, but we still don’t hear of many communications people making the step up to CEO. Why is that? There are ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors determining how any […]

What happened to innovation during Covid-19 fight or flight mode?

By Fergus Bailie, CEO of Bailie Group Even the most aspirational and transformational leaders were rocked by the events of 2020. Covid-19 came as a complete shock – shifting supply, demand, operating models and revenue streams, practically overnight. Many landscapes evolved faster in weeks than they had in decades, particularly in terms of remote working, […]