Vaccines, public confidence and comms

By Julio Romo, public relations consultant and digital strategist. We are at the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Scientists have done an incredible job in creating a vaccine against this virus. They have done it at pace, but with confidence and within regulatory guidelines. What has helped them deliver this is […]

85% of FMCG firms report a negative influencer experience, so what’s going wrong?

By Alec Harden-Henry, Commercial Director, Influence Network. In the world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), influencers are big news. A recent report highlighted that almost half of FMCG companies will allocate 50% of their marketing budget to influencers. That statistic is a) astounding and b) would be largely unthinkable just a few years ago. 19% […]

CE(R)O: chief executive (reputation) officer?

By Drew Salisbury. Challenged by the global pandemic, the pressure on a CEO to communicate has changed dramatically. The business landscape is, to coin a phrase, ‘unprecedented’: salient changes in client behaviour and customer habits, the freezing of budgets, cancellation of events, an unyielding reliance on tech, renewed focus on sustainable growth, displaced employees working […]

Online Contagion: 5G and the growth of Misinformation in the Digital Age

By Alex Bluestone, Senior Sector Consultant – Industry, alva. Despite having access to more information than ever before, people appear to be suffering from an information paradox: as access to information increases, the ability to parse and interpret that information for truth wanes. Misinformation around the links between 5G and personal health is just one […]

Resetting Communications: Latest Influence Magazine out now

The Winter 2020 edition of Influence is out today featuring some of the best commentary and opinion from the world of PR and beyond. Below is the editor’s letter and a taste of what you can find in the final edition of the year… This time last year I was writing about how silly humour and cuteness becomes […]

How to Brief an Influencer

‘The brief is the moment where the success of your campaign can be decided. A great brief can have your influencers’ creativity running wild, whilst staying on brand and on target for what you want to achieve.’ By Harriot Rockey, COO, Influence Network. The brief for an influencer campaign can be everything. The above quote […]

Review Your Green Credentials: CMA investigates ‘misleading eco-friendly’ claims

By Joanna Conway and Emma Dunnill from Kemp Little LLP. Over recent years there has been an increased focus on the environmental and ethical impact of our actions and buying decisions, often termed as “conscious consumerism”. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) claims that in 2019 UK consumers spent £41 billion a year on ethical […]

2020 and the new era of branding

By Chris Loy, founder and CTO at Datasine. 2020 has been a defining year for brands and no one is feeling this more than marketing professionals. The global Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis, as well as the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement has put brands at the centre of societal issues […]

The power of broadcast in telling the vaccine story

By Rachel Royall, Director, Healthcare, Wellbeing and Life Sciences, Markettiers. Vaccines look set to dominate the news cycle into 2021 as all countries look for ways to get back on their feet after COVID‐19. What role can broadcast media play in supporting a successful adoption of this much‐needed response to a pandemic and the post‐pandemic […]