What do the next ten years hold for Instagram?

By Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI. Founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege, Instagram has changed the world over the past ten years, transforming the social media space and creating hundreds of unforgettable cultural moments. From the world_record_egg to the selfie, Instagram has offered a platform for millions of creatives and is showing no signs […]

#BlackLivesMatter, Bristol, and the Media Storm

By Kate Vogelsang, CIPR North East committee member. Nearly 100 people joined CIPR’s Diversity and Inclusion Network, CIPR North East, and CIPR South West for a fascinating event on 6 October: ‘Bristol, #BlackLivesMatter and the media storm: personal perspectives from public sector comms and the media‘. Here are just some of the highlights from a […]

1-in-4 consumers turn to influencers for news before journalists

One-in-four consumers are more likely to source news updates and opinions from influencers than from journalists and established news outlets says TAKUMI survey. One-in-four consumers are more likely to source news updates and opinions from influencers than from journalists and established news outlets according to a new survey. For younger consumers, the ratio is one-in-three […]

A Manifesto for the Future Development of Public Relations Practice

By Jon White and Shayoni Lynn, from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ Behavioural Insights Interest Group and Panel. Looking past the COVID 19 restrictions, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Behavioural Insights Interest Group and Panel can now begin to move forward to address the interests of members of the Group and provide support […]

How will corporate content change in a post-Covid world?

By George Theohari, Head of Content, Speak Media. As businesses reposition themselves as in the aftermath of lockdown, new stakeholder attitudes, combined with financial and organisational challenges, suggest corporate comms teams need to be prepared to navigate a very different future. In a recent survey conducted by Speak Media in partnership with the Public Relations […]

The Oatly Twitter furore forgets silent majority

By Simon Lucey, founder, Hype Collective. PR Twitter lost it’s shit over Oatly last week. The alternative milk brand received a $200 million investment from Blackstone, a controversial private equity firm – and major Republican Party donor. Blackstone have also been accused of indirectly contributing to the deforestation of the Amazon through financial links to […]

Virtual wins, inter-agency collaboration and new property plans

By Stephen Knight, CEO and founder, Pimento, It’s almost impossible to make it through a day without a discussion around the ‘new normal’ and how adaptability is going to be crucial for business continuity in these unprecedented times. But, as the concept of a ‘hybrid office’ is increasingly finding itself embedded in industry semantics, there […]

AI is ticking time bomb for PR’s reputation

PR’s reputation is ticking if it cannot get a handle on AI ethics and advise on AI builds and deployments. By Kerry Sheehan Chart.PR; FCIPR; AIinPR Chair. PR is in a dangerous place if it doesn’t take AI ethics seriously, advising on AI builds and deployments. Recently we have seen the UK exams algorithm court […]

Building media relationships, virtually

By Luke Budka, head of digital PR and SEO, TopLine Comms. A lot of us are still stuck at home. Without the opportunity to meet media contacts in person, we’ve had to be a little more creative in our ongoing mission to remind them we’re an agency that really works hard at supplying interesting emotive stories, not […]

Delivering comms during Covid-19

By Tom Hindle, Lead Publisher, Bottle. There are certain challenges that, as an account manager in a digital PR agency, you expect to face. One that I did not expect though, was Covid-19. It was a set of circumstances that no-one could have predicted; a news agenda suddenly dominated by the pandemic, clients and journalists […]